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Rates Remission Policy

Tell us what you think about our draft Rates Remission Policy 2021

Council wants to amend its Rates Remission Policy. The purpose of the changes is to:

  • provide a clear statement of the objectives of the policy;
  • ensure that all community halls and memorial halls are treated as if they are non-rateable;
  • enable remissions for water-by-meter excess charges in cases of leaks, whether consumers are billed quarterly or annually;
  • return to the pre-Covid-19 position of allowing rates penalty remissions one quarter every two years;
  • improve the use of Plain English in the policy

What are rates remissions? A rates remission is when Council waives the collection of part or all of a rates bill. You may be eligible for rates remission if your property is

  • used exclusively to provide community services, facilities and recreational opportunities for the public;
  • a residential property that includes a separately inhabited part (such as a “granny flat”) in addition to the main residence;
  • a memorial hall or a community hall;
  • protected for natural, historic or cultural conservation purposes

Some rates and charges can also be remitted for specific reasons, including:

  • Rates penalties; and
  • Excess water by meter charges in the event of a leak on private property

Submissions can be made up until 5pm on Monday 19 April 2021.