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Methven Community Board Discretionary Grant

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The final funding decisions are made at the discretion of The Methven Community Board. Successful applicants’ project details may be used for publicity purposes.

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I/We hereby declare that the information supplied here on behalf of myself /our organisation, to the best of my/our knowledge, is true and correct and that I/we have the authority to make this application on behalf of our group (if applicable).

I/We hereby declare that we have a Health and Safety Plan in place for the project / programme.

I/We consent to Ashburton District Council collecting the personal contact details provided above, retaining and using these details for the purpose of review of the Community Project Grant.  I/We acknowledge my/our right to have access to this information.  This consent is given in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993.

I/We understand that my/our project/programme details may be used for promotion of the Community Project Grant and that I/we will be contacted if Ashburton District Council wishes to use these.

I/We understand that the funds received as a result of this application may only be used for the purpose in which they were granted and that a report form with supporting invoices must be submitted to Ashburton District Council on completion of the project / programme.

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