Economic Development Strategy Accordions

As local government, we are legislated with the task of improving the economic wellbeing of our community – in the present and for the future.

Our first Economic Development Strategy was developed in 2017 had seven areas of focus, mostly focussed on internal processes.  With many of these recommendations now completed, we want to move forward with a more outward-focussed approach that will see the Council’s economic development team work alongside businesses and the community.

A strong and sustainable economy offers better job opportunities, higher wages, and a higher standard of living. It provides business opportunities and attracts more investment to the district, which expands the ratepayer base and can help keep rates affordable for our residents.

  • selling products and services the community can purchase and enjoy
  • creating jobs which increase the wealth of residents
  • investing in the community
  • employing workers who choose to live, work, play, learn, shop, eat out, use public services and enjoy recreation and entertainment locally – creating revenue for local businesses and adding vibrancy to the community
  • creating opportunities for visitors to enjoy the amenities and recreation in the community, bringing in more revenue.

The consultation document provides a great summary of the draft strategy.

If you're interested in digging in deeper, we recommend reading the full Draft Economic Development Strategy document.

You can also email our team with any further questions at