LTP submission hearings start Monday

Published: 10 May 2024

Mayor Neil Brown with some of the submissions to the Long Term Plan 2024-34.

Mayor Neil Brown and Councillors are set to hear from about 100 residents on the district’s draft budget for the next 10 years.

Mayor Brown said hearings on the Draft Long Term Plan 2024–2034 start on Monday 13 May and submitters included individuals and community groups or organisations with local, regional and national interests.

“Submissions will be via a mix of in-person and virtual presentations, and we’re looking forward to hearing what they have to say.

“In the first couple of days we’re expecting to hear from irrigation companies, sporting groups and users of Balmoral Hall. The future of Council’s stockwater service, extending the indoor space at EA Networks Centre and the future of Balmoral Hall and the Tinwald Pool were hot topics during consultation.”

Other groups making in-person submissions include the Ashburton Citizens’ Association, the Methven Community Board, Mid Canterbury Federated Farmers and the Mid Canterbury Aero Club.

The remainder of the 1500 submissions were made in writing but these submitters didn’t want to be verbally heard and will also be considered by elected members.

“None of our proposals are set in stone and we will be listening very carefully to submitters, as well as considering any new information we have at hand, to refine the draft plan and lock in a final budget,” Mayor Brown said.

The first day of hearings begins at 9am on Monday 13 May, with the last submitter scheduled on late Thursday. The submission hearings are open to the public and will also be live-streamed - the full schedule is available here, but is subject to change. The hearings will be live-streamed on Council's Facebook and You Tube channels.

Councillors will make decisions on the Long Term Plan during deliberations that begin in the week starting 20 May.

The final Long Term Plan 2024–2034 is set to be adopted in June.

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