Exhibition | From Tasman Glacier to Table Service

About the event

For three Hakatere Ashburton men, Wilf Holland, Allen Kelly and Jack Pattle, an adventure awaited them at Aoraki Mt Cook in March 1958. They were tasked with cutting three blocks of clean white ice from a glacier and preparing them for shipping to New York.

From Tasman Glacier to Table Service follows the journey of the ice from Aotearoa New Zealand to New York City, where it was intended to be used to cool drinks at a ‘New Zealand Night’ dinner hosted by the Overseas Press Club of America.

Come and experience an epic journey taken by van, plane, boat and rail, through which a fragile piece of Aotearoa travels further than was ever thought possible.

9th Dec 2023 - 11th Feb 2024

Ashburton Museum

Admission: FREE