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Ashburton Airport Development Plan

Ashburton Airport plays an important recreational and economic role in our community. In recent years, the council has seen the popularity of the airfield grow and increasing interest in further development.

We believe it’s important that future development is carefully planned so we can achieve the best possible result for airport users, airport neighbours and the wider district. The Council would also like to see the airport become financially self-sustaining rather than relying on council rates.

For these reasons, we’re proposing to work with airport users, nearby residents and other stakeholders to create a long-term plan for Ashburton Airport that will guide development over the next 30 years.

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Earlier this year the Council surveyed airport users and neighbours about their thoughts on future development of the airport. There was a strong response with over 80 replies received. This feedback has helped us better understand the thoughts, concerns and ideas of people with an interest in the future of the airfield as we start work on the draft plan.

This draft plan will take some time to complete as the Council further investigates the community’s feedback and the various options for future development. Once written, the draft will be reviewed by councillors before being released for public consultation.

The Council want to create a balanced development plan that helps meet the following objectives:

  • Reach a financial break-even point, so airport operations will no longer require support from Council rates.
  • Understand what investment in airport infrastructure will be required to achieve a rates neutral position and explore any other possible benefits of investment.
  • Coordinate future development of the Airport with that of the surrounding area.
  • Enable the growth of airport activity and operations while minimising undesirable environmental effects or disruption for neighbouring residential properties.
  • Accommodate the plans of airport lessees for their own operations at Ashburton Airport.
  • Manage capacity at the Ashburton Airport for commercial opportunities that may emerge over the next thirty years.

Once the draft Ashburton Airport Development Plan has been completed, it will be released for public consultation. It’s important to note that the draft plan is only a draft and public consultation will offer a chance for community input on the final plan and the future of Ashburton Airport.

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Project Timeline

  • Early engagement with airport users and neighbours


  • Create the draft Airport Development Plan

    In Progress

  • Public consultation on the draft plan

    Proposed for Mid 2022

  • Revisions to the plan following public feedback

    Proposed for Mid 2022

  • Final Airport Development Plan adopted

    Proposed for Late 2022