Rubbish & Recycling Reporting

In October 2020, Council introduced a three-strike rule to improve its recycling collection service and to ensure loads would not be rejected, costing ratepayers additional money to redirect contaminated loads to landfills. After three warning notices, Council will remove the yellow bin if inappropriate material continues to be discarded in the recycling bin, after being contacted and/or advised of reasons for not collecting material.

The graph below shows the total number of properties with strikes (1, 2, or 3) against them, for the last four months (hover over bars to show data):

The  graph below shows the monthly contamination rate for the last four months. Loads that are above the allowable 10% contamination rate are redirected to landfill at an additional cost to our ratepayers.

Through its policy and procedures, Council makes every effort to provide guidance to our residents on the proper use of its recycling bins to avoid an escalation that could result in the removal of the bin due to non-compliance. Councils Education Contractor performs manual audits on a regular basis as part of the compliance monitoring activity. During these audits, non-compliant residents are provided with educational resources, including the 'Bin It Right' booklet which details what items go in either the rubbish or recycling bins. Upon completing the educational/training requirements, a non-compliant resident who has had their yellow bin removed, can then have their yellow bin returned.

The graph below shows the total number of households that have had their yellow bins returned: