Love Your Parks Accordions

Preparing a Reserve Management Plan is a statutory requirement under the Reserves Act 1977.

We are following the process outlined under section 41 of the Act to prepare a combined plan for Ashburton District’s 125 parks and reserves.

We currently have individual plans for seven of our reserves: Hinds Domain, Mayfield Domain, Methven Domain, Mt Somers Domain, Rakaia Domain, Tinwald Domain, and Ashburton Domain and Gardens. However, some of them are now over 10 years old and due for review

Council has decided to prepare a single management plan that will encompass all of our district’s parks and reserves. This has several benefits:

  • It will be up to date and fit for purpose; and
  • It will include all the district’s parks and reserves; and
  • It will ensure consistent management approach across the district.

Domain development plans set out the community’s aspirations and long term vision for a domain. They are different from reserve management plans which are more about the day-to-day management of parks and reserves.

The Council has adopted development plans for Tinwald Domain and Ashburton Domain, both of which will remain in place.

The Ashburton Domain Development Plan was adopted by Council in October 2020 and covers the improvements that will be undertaken over the next 30 years. It contains long-term projects such as development of the Walnut Avenue Promenade and a new main entrance into the Domain.

The Tinwald Domain Development Plan was prepared in 2010 and reviewed in 2018.

More information about the domain development plans can be found here.

There are two opportunities for our community to be involved with the development of the Reserve Management Plan, and we encourage you to take part in both stages.

Stage 1: June 2023 - July 2023

  • We gathered your suggestions and ideas about how we manage our parks and reserves.
  • We’re now using this feedback to help write a draft plan that incorporates the wishes of the community and meets our legislative obligations.

Stage 2: December 2023- February 2024

  • We’ll release the Draft Reserve Management Plan for community submissions.
  • Following a hearing for those who wish to speak in person, Council will deliberate on all feedback received and make any changes that are required.
  • Finally, the Reserve Management Plan will be formally adopted.