Interim Speed Management Plan Accordians

This first principle is to reduce the speed limits around schools. We propose to do this by introducing a 30km/h permanent speed limit for most schools in the district.

Some rural schools are proposed to have a 60km/h variable speed limit due to high average vehicle speeds next to the school. A variable speed limit is when the speed limit can change due to the road and driving conditions. In this instance, the lower speed limit will be in play when kids are at school.

A lower speed limit decreases the chance of crashes occurring and reduces the injury severity if they do happen. This will reduce the risk for the students traveling to and from school.

Research shows that speed limits in school zones are most effective between 300-500m long. Drivers tend to slow down if the zone is between these lengths. The maps we have prepared below show what this would look like for all schools in the district, however, the interim plan will enable the actual zones to be adjusted by Council if required.

Methven School, Mt Hutt College and Our Lady of the Snows Schools share the majority of the frontage with the State Highway, therefore the speed limit outside these schools will change when Waka Kotahi produces their speed management plan.

The plan also includes a principle to manage the speed on  roads in the urban fringes. This is to cater for urban development in the district and to reduce the approach speed of vehicles entering the townships.

This would allow speed reductions on urban fringe roads to either 50km/h, 60km/h or 80km/h depending on the level of development. Our Council will determine the speed limit as required to achieve a safe and appropriate speed limit using local knowledge and Waka Kotahi’s Speed Management Guide and Mega Maps.

The area defined under the urban fringe category are roads within a 3km radius from a township’s boundary and can be seen on the maps linked at the bottom of the page.

The plan includes the principle of reducing speed in some developed areas within the township. This reduces the risk to active users (like walkers, cyclists and scooter users) on the road and promotes a safer environment.

The roads in these areas could have a speed reduction applied of 40km/h or less depending on the level of use and development. Our Council will determine the speed limit required for the active users’ safety.

The developed areas will include, but are not limited to, central business districts, enclosed subdivisions or other locations with a high amount of active users. The community will be informed of any changes to the speed limits under the interim speed management plan.