Approved Contractor List

Welcome to Ashburton District Council’s Contractor Management Application Portal

We are proud of the projects, services, and places that Council staff and our contractors provide for our community and visitors to enjoy.

We take our primary duty of care for all people visiting or working at Council workplaces very seriously.

Whether you are a large or small contractor, it is extremely important to us that you and your teams perform their duties safely and prioritise safety at their places of work.

In some cases, ADC will be directly involved in the contractor/principal relationship as PCBU, whereas other times this process enables an “Approved Contractor” to work directly on our assets when engaged by a member of the public (i.e. to reform a driveway entrance).

If you would like to continue or start working for ADC as a contractor, you will need to share information about how you manage health & safety within your organisation with us via our Contractor Management Application Portal.

This portal is designed for:

  • Contractors who have worked for ADC previously but are yet to become an “Approved Contractor”.
  • Contractors who would like to renew their “Approved Contractor” and/or “Activity Endorsement” status.

For those contractors who are SiteWise Accredited, please make sure you enter your SiteWise Contractor ID Number, as this will make your application even easier, as your current pre-qualification data will be automatically transferred across.

Apply here to become an Approved Contractor