Rates remission: Community organisations

Rates remissions may be available to properties owned and used by not-for-profit community or sports organisations that, in the Council's opinion, provide a significant public good by their use of the land.

The remission provides rates relief to community-based organisations (including some that also qualify for non-rateable status) to support the benefit they provide to the wellbeing of the Ashburton district. The extent of remission is at the discretion of the Council and may be phased in over several years.

When you apply for remission we automatically assess whether you qualify for non-rateable status.

Non-rateable status

Certain types of properties are given partial or full non-rateable status(external link), such as churches, schools, hospitals and reserves.

The criteria are very specific about the uses that are included. For example, a site owned by a church may have some buildings that do not qualify under this provision.

Non-rateable properties do not pay general rates but are still liable for targeted rates like sewerage, water and waste collection.

How to apply

Provide all the supporting documents when you complete your application, including:

  • any relevant leases
  • a full breakdown of how the entire site is being used
  • your latest audited financial accounts
  • other material that builds a picture of the services the organisation provides to the community, e.g. website addresses or brochures or any fees charged to customers.

For urgent requests please phone our customer services team on 307 7700 at any time.

Apply for rates remission

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Property Details
Does the organisation own the property? *
Examples of improvements include offices, drop-in centre, club rooms, halls, meeting spaces and clubs.
Community Benefit Details
Is any portion of the property being used for a purpose other than the ones listed above? *
Are there any sub-leases on the property? *
Is this organisation recognised by Inland Revenue Department as a Charitable Trust? *
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