Home Ownership Seminar

About the event

Join Lisa Lahood from Kāinga Ora as she explains several products to give you a helping hand into home ownership. Learn more about the following products in these seminars hopefully either in your lunch break or after work! Bring your lunch to the lunchtime sessions and tea and coffee provided at all sessions.
First Home Partner -A new-shared ownership scheme to help aspiring first home buyers whose deposit and home loan aren’t quite enough to buy a home that meets their needs, purchase a home together with Kāinga Ora. Shared ownership means that you initially share ownership of the home with a third party who purchases the home with you (in this case Kāinga Ora). You are the majority homeowner and occupier, but Kāinga Ora will own a share in the home, that you will buy out over time.
First Home Loan -First Home Loan helps eligible first homebuyers secure a loan with a 5% deposit. This makes getting into your first home that much easier. The participating bank or lender provides the loan, and Kāinga Ora underwrites it.
Kāinga Whenua Loan - Kāinga Whenua loans provide access to finance to help Māori achieve home ownership on their multiple-owned Māori land. Kiwibank will approve and provide the loan and Kāinga Ora will underwrite the loan for the bank. The loan enables you to build, purchase or relocate a house on that land.
KiwiSaver Withdrawal - If you have been a member of KiwiSaver for at least three years, you may be able to withdraw all, or part of your savings to put towards buying your first home. Eligible members can withdraw their savings excluding $1,000 that must remain in your KiwiSaver account. You must intend to live in the property and you cannot buy an investment property.
Home Ownership Resources - Kāinga Ora has a range of resources that can assist you with preparing for home ownership, as well as links to other relevant government websites.
First Home Decision Tool - With just three steps and up to five easy clicks, the Kāinga Ora online decision tool can help you find out which home ownership products you could be eligible for. You may also be able to utilise multiple products.

Ashburton Public Library

15th May 2023

Session times are 12.15pm, 1.15pm & 6pm

180 Havelock Street, Ashburton 7700, New Zealand

Admission: FREE