Two O'Clock Tours | Iain Cheesman

About the event

Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland-based Iain Cheesman is primarily a maker of objects that link sculpture with painting, poetry and the concept of drawing. In his new exhibition Nurture Nature, Cheesman brings the act of birdwatching into the gallery space, encouraging viewers to slow down and focus on details.

You can join us in navigating Iain Cheesman’s artistic landscape at our next Two O’Clock Tour!

Come along at 2pm on Sunday 05 November to hear our lovely Front of House Assistant Jacqui speak about Nurture Nature, demystifying some of the sculptural elements of the exhibition. Take the time to experience the outside world brought inside, and learn how our ways of looking at nature and art perhaps aren’t so different after all.

5th Nov 2023 -

02:00 pm

Ashburton Art Gallery

Admission: FREE