Pork Chop Express

About the event

ZAFAA21 Premier Award Winner Jacquelyn Greenbank returns to the Gallery with her exhibition Pork Chop Express.

As an artist Jacquelyn Greenbank refers to herself as a self portrait installation artist. The context of her work has always been of social histories and the portrayal of cultures. As a kiwi with mixed ancestry, Greenbank’s work questions and explores cultural identifiers.

Food and the knowledge of plants is often used as a thematic vehicle for artworks as it can assimilate and alienate cultures. We use food in many different ways within culture. What we eat sheds light on our lives, holds value, and keeps strong ties to our communities, while preserving culture and serving as expressions of cultural identity. Greenbank’s practice brings to light the value of culture and questions how and what we pass on to the next generation.

Since Graduating from Canterbury University School of Fine Arts with a Distinction in Painting, Greenbank has exhibited in galleries and biennials both here in New Zealand and internationally. Greenbank’s work is held in major public and private collections. In 2015 Greenbank was awarded The Olivia Spencer Bower Foundation Art Award.

Exhibition opening | 18 March 2022 | 7pm

Exhibition available | 19 March – 24 April 2022

Image | Jacquelyn Greenbank, Poodle Doodle, bronze, 2022.

Ashburton Art Gallery

19th Mar 2022 - 24th Apr 2022

Open Daily: 10am - 4pm

Wednesday: 10am - 7pm

327 West Street, Ashburton, 7700

Admission: FREE