Marian Maguire | Exhibition opening and artist talk

About the event

Join us for the opening of Marian Maguire's new exhibition The Enlightenment Project (expanded)  on 17 February at 6pm!

At the opening of The Enlightenment Project (expanded), Christchurch-based artist Marian Maguire will talk about the ideas and impetus behind this series, which aims to make sense of this important age of European history, and the worldwide reverberations that resulted. This exhibition builds on the initial showing of The Enlightenment Project in 2022 and Maguire has created additional works which extend into prehistory, reflect on current reality, and provide a counterpoint to the Western world view.

Marian Maguire is best known for her lithographs and etchings which combine ancient Greek vase painting with New Zealand colonial history. Alongside historical and figurative imagery, she has produced many exhibitions of abstract geometric paintings or invented plant drawings in which her interest in patterns, and the disruption of patterns, becomes evident.

Image | Marian Maguire, Sight and Blindness II: Expansion, 2018-21, archival inkjet print. Image courtesy of the artist.

17th Feb 2024 -

06:00 pm

Ashburton Art Gallery

Admission: FREE