Artist Talk | Legacy Issues

About the event

Join us for our upcoming talk with artists from Legacy Issues on Sunday 09 June at 2pm.

At this talk, artist and curator Hannah Watkinson will lead a panel discussion with the artists included in our new exhibition Legacy Issues. In addition, featured artist Moana Lee will also give a live demonstration of the anthotype process, a camera-less technique that involves laying an object on paper coated with a solution of silverbeet juice and vodka before exposing it to UV light to create prints.

Legacy Issues brings together contemporary photographic artists Mitchell Bright, Conor Clarke, Ella Hickford, Moana Lee, Mike O’Kane, Tim J. Veling, and Hannah Watkinson, and presents the diverse ways they have pictured our region. This selection of photographs aims to provide the audience with new perspectives and considerations of the land that we live on. The artists all approach the process of working with lens-based media in unique ways – through collaboration, revisiting sites, and reimagining the scenes they capture as physical objects and visual displays.

Discover the many different facets of photography and how each artist approaches their practice at this special talk and demonstration. This will also be a great opportunity to see the exhibition before it closes on June 14.

9th Jun 2024 -

02:00 pm

Ashburton Art Gallery

Admission: FREE