Sport New Zealand Rural Travel Fund

Scheme Criteria 2023

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The Sport NZ Rural Travel Fund was developed in response to concerns raised by Councils about the lack of participation in sport by young people living in rural communities. Geographical isolation, urban drift, lack of employment opportunities and access to mainstream funding were identified as barriers to sport participation.
It has been agreed by Sport NZ that the Rural Travel fund shall once again be made available in 2022 and is targeted at young people aged between 5 and 19 years.
The national allocation of the fund is based on a population density formula for territorial authorities whom have less than 10 people per square kilometre. 45c per capita is provided with a baseline/minimum entitlement of $9,500 (Source: Census Statistics 2013).

The rural travel fund is designed to help subsidise travel for junior teams participating in local sport competition.

Grant Eligibility
Application for the rural travel fund is open to rural sports clubs and rural school teams with young people aged between 5 and 19 years who require subsidies to assist with transport expenses to local sporting competitions.
Please note: The rural travel fund is managed and administered by Ashburton District Council on behalf of Sport NZ.

Assessment Criteria
The following criteria shall be applied when considering applications for funding:
*Organisations and schools with participants aged between 5 and 19 years playing sport for a club or school team who meet the eligibility criteria.
*Funding is not provided for the purpose of travel to regional or national events or sports competitions.
*Individual players, coaches and or officials are ineligible to apply for the fund.
*Funding is not provided to assist coaches, managers or officials travel costs.

Applicant Eligibility
School club teams and sport club teams are defined as:
*A school club team participating in regular local sport competition out of school time, that excludes inter-school and intra-school competitions played during school time; and/or,
*A sports club team participating in organised, regular sport competition through club membership outside of school time.

Assessment process
Applications are assessed by Council.

Fund administration
Sport NZ requires organisations that receive funding to return an accountability form to Ashburton District Council showing proof of purchases made within that period and attach any receipts. Accountability forms must be returned by 30 May 2020.
Please note: If applicant organisations who have received assistance do not return their accountability forms, it will jeopardise any future funding. Applicants must be able to account for the total amount allocated.

Goods and Services Tax (GST)
GST registered organisations
When a territorial authority makes a grant to a GST registered organisation the territorial authority must pay the grant plus GST. The grant recipient must then account for the GST to the Inland Revenue (IRD).
Non-registered GST organisations
If the grant recipient is not GST registered, the territorial authority will not add GST to the grant and therefore cannot claim back GST from the IRD.

Partial expenditure of funds
Sport NZ requires any unspent funds be returned to Ashburton District Council for the reallocation of funding. If ADC still has unspent funds as of 31 July 2022 the outstanding amount can be used in the following year.

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