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School Holiday Programme Grant

Applications open from 1 February 2024

Council recognises the value of supporting young people to experience new opportunities and the shared responsibility it has with the community offering a range of activities and experiences not usually available during school terms.


The purpose of the School Holiday Programme grant is to assist with the provision of school holiday programmes in Ashburton District.


The maximum individual grant available is $1,000 and can't be more than 50% of the total programme cost. The applicants’ share of the programme’s cost can be in kind, or financial.

All grants must comply with Council’s Community Grants and Funding Policy.

Application Dates

The School Holiday Programme Grant is available through a single grant application process held in February of each financial year.

Grant Eligibility

All Community Projects must meet the following criteria:

  • Be located in the Ashburton District.
  • Be publicly available to the community.
  • Be organised by a non-profit organisation.
Applicant Eligibility

Applicants must be:

  • From a non-profit organisation / group.
  • Based in the Ashburton District.
  • Applications from a national organisation must be made from the local branch of that organisation.
  • Individuals, schools and service groups (whose primary purpose is to raise funds in the community) are ineligible.
  • Applicants must have a health and safety plan for the stated project.
  • Applications will only be accepted on the completed Ashburton District Council Trail Maintenance Fund form.
  • Incomplete applications that do not provide all of the requested information will be excluded from funding assessment.
Funding Agreement

Successful applicants must complete and return an accountability form on the completion of the project, and within the financial year which funds were granted. Receipts are required for all expenditure.

Organisations that do not return a completed accountability form will not be eligible for future Council grant funding.

Assessment Considerations

Council will consider the following:

  • The contribution that the project will make to the community.
  • The proposed number of people who will benefit from the project.
  • Accessibility of the project to the general public.
  • The community contribution to the project (including volunteers, in-kind work or materials and financial support).
  • Other sources of funding potentially available to the applicant.
  • Any previous assistance provided by Council.


Successful applicants must complete and return a grant reporting form on the completion of the project, or by 31 July, or before applying for further funding, whichever comes first.

Receipts are required for all expenditure.

Organisations that do not complete their reporting will not be eligible for future Council grant funding.

If the funds have not been spent when the next funding round occurs and you would like to make another application, please complete the report form as much as possible, and let us know how and when you intend to spend the rest of the grant funds.

School Holiday Programme Grant Report Form

Required Documents