Water metering

​Is everyone metered?

Ashburton District Council installs water meters on industrial, commercial and other extra-ordinary properties that are connected to Council operated water supplies.  An extra-ordinary connection is usually outside the water supply boundary.

Meters are installed to:

  • Measure and charge for water
  • Encourage water conservation
  • Provide data for system design and analysis

How am I charged?

The water metering charge is set every year through Council's Annual Plan process, which includes consultation with the public.

Bills are sent out throughout the year:

  • Every three months water meters are read and then invoices are sent to customers
  • Each rating unit or property is given an allowance of 1,000 litres per day of water
  • Water used over the allowance is charged for at the current rate per 1,000 litres

If you have a metered connection, we recommend that you also keep an eye on what the water meter is reading as this will hopefully reduce the likelihood that you are paying for leakage.

I think I have a leak – my bill is huge this time!

The biggest source of wasted water is leaks with thousands of litres being lost across the district each year. All water that passes through a meter is charged for, including all leaks and wasted water, so a leak can quickly cost you a lot of money.

There are a number of simple checks that you can make to find a leak:

  • Check for damp patches in the garden or driveway during dry weather
  • Look for patches of lawn that are green no matter how dry it has been

Learn how to check if you have a leak through your water meter

How do I read my meter?

Most water meters record water flows in litres. These are often shown as the red numbers on your water meter dial. The black numbers are the number of cubic metres of water that have flown through the water meter.  Note: there are 1,000 litres in a cubic metre.

This particular meter reads 618 litres.


I've sold my property – what do I do now?

When a metered property is sold, a final reading of the water meter must be made.  You can contact Council to arrange this on (03) 307 7700.

Note: Please allow 10 working days for this to be undertaken.

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