State Highway 1 through Tinwald

Tinwald Corridor Study​

For many years there have been a number of safety issues for vehicles turning right from the east of Tinwald to travel along State Highway 1 towards Ashburton.

The Ashburton District Council (ADC) and NZ Transport Agency (Transport Agency) are currently working together to seek solutions to the above safety issues.   Part of this programme is to work through a multi-step process to develop a Business Case  to support the application for funding for any work that may come out of the process.  The Business Case approach has been adopted by the Transport Agency for all state highway projects.

Through a series of workshops  between the ADC, Transport Agency and various stakeholders, issues have been identified, options investigated and a preferred programme of work developed.                     

The Programme Business Case (PBC) is being worked through.  Once completed, any identified projects, the scope of these and procurement documentation, will be developed for agreement by the parties involved. Design work will follow and funding sought.

The earliest any capital works could be undertaken will be as part of the 2015-18 National Land Transport Programme.  There is no construction funding available for any work presently; these works will be prioritised on a national basis.

View a Plan of Tinwald here.

View a media release following the workshop held on Wednesday 26 November 2014.

Draft Programme Business Case endorsed

The Council endorsed the Draft Programme Business Case (PBC) at its meeting held on Thursday 9 April 2015.

Endorsement of the PBC by Council ensured that the Transport Agency finalises its own approval process for the PBC and will proceed jointly with Council to the Indicative Business Case (IBC) for the early works.  The IBC will identify a preferred layout solution for each site through general assessment of the impact on identified problem(s), costs, timing, risks, benefits/dis-benefits and dependencies.  It may take 6-7 years before construction of an intersection upgrade commences.

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