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Keeping our district moving

Roading has always been a major focus for the Ashburton District Council. It’s not surprising: we rely on our roads every day of the year and they play an important role in growing our local economy.

What might surprise you is that Ashburton has the third largest rural roading network in the country! That makes for a big and - often challenging - job for Ashburton District Council and its contractors.

‘Roading Worx’ is all about how we keep our district moving. We’ll keep you up to date with major projects, particularly works in your neighbourhood; tell you how we keep our roads maintained; and encourage you to tell us about important issues in your neighbourhood.

Our District's road network

At more than 2,600 kilometres, Ashburton’s roading network is far longer than the entire length of New Zealand. Here are some of the issues that affect the repair and maintenance of our roads:

  • Since 2005, traffic travelling through Ashburton on State Highway One has grown by more than 20 per cent, including substantially more heavy vehicles.
  • Ashburton us the fifth fastest growing region in the country. Our population has grown by 22 per cent since 2005! That means a lot more people using our roads.
  • The Ashburton District Council regularly tops up its roading budget using surplus funds. In the last three years, ADC has spent between $750,000 and $1 million each year on unsubsidised work on Ashburton's roads.


With so many roads in our district, it's likely you'll only see a small percentage of our work on your everyday route. Our roading teams completed thousands of projects in 2017 - in Ashburton, Rakaia, Hinds, Methven, Mayfield and everywhere in between.

​​This year will be a big one for our roads. Here are some of the projects to keep an eye out for:

Thompsons Track

The rehabilitation and maintenance of Thompsons Track continues to be a priority for Council. Rehabilitation work is now underway between the Mitcham Road and Lethams Road intersections. This eight week project will see three kilometres of Thompsons Track strengthened and widened, bringing the total distance of road renewals completed on Thompsons Track since 2013 to 14.6km. 

Detours are in place during the day, but the road is reopened at night and on weekends, so make sure you ease off the speed to 30km/h while driving through this section of road. The work is on track to be completed in May 2018.

Maronan Road

Council has finished rehabilitating 2.35km of Maronan Road. The work involved strengthening and widening the road, making it more durable and comfortable for traffic. 

Christys and Seafield Roads

The start of 2018 has seen major rehabilitation work happening on a number of sites on Christys and Seafield Roads. Rehabilitation work on Seafield Road started in late February, with 1.5km of the road strengthened and widened. The work has been carried out between Le Bretons Road and Stanley Road.

Work on Christys Road is expected to finish in May, where close to 1km will be reconstructed​. Both roads have remained open for traffic, with traffic management in place. 

To see all current roadworks in the district, click here

Ongoing work

Our roading network is made up of more than sealed and unsealed roads. Here are some of the ongoing jobs that keep our contractors busy throughout the year:

Road markings and sign r​epairs

Keeping drivers and other road users safe on our roads is our number one focus. This includes road marking and installing/reinstalling signs across the district.


Pothole repairs

Potholes at more than 80 sites across the district were fixed in the last 12 months. If there is a pothole in your neighbourhood, use the Snap, Send, Solve app to let us know.


Did you know that 8,500 m​2​ of pavement repairs were completed last year? That's almost the size of a rugby field! The annual footpath, kerb and channel renewals are now underway, and are expected to continue through until June. You'll likely see contractors out repairing damage and 

Remember to slow down to 30 kilometres through roadworks for the safety of workers. They're out there to help us all get where we're going.​

If you see something that needs repairing, use the Snap, Send, Solve app to let us know. Make sure you have an email address set up with the app. Download it from the Apple Store and Google Play today!

For more information about our roads, check out 






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