Heavy Vehicle Information

​​This page contains information for heavy vehicle operators, including:

  • HPMV routes currently approved by Council
  • Restrictions on routes used by heavy or overdimension vehicles, including stock transport
  • Council bridges that must not be crossed by heavy vehicles
  • Speed restrictions

As well as lists in PDF format, this information is also available as maps, using the links below. The maps are KMZ files which can be opened in Google Earth (a free download).

Approved HPMV routes

These are routes Council currently approves if they are included in an HPMV permit. You still need to apply for a permit, and permits still require the specific routes to be described. 

This list provides operators with a ready reference. If a required route is not on this list it will not necessarily be rejected, but would need more scrutiny before approval.

See here for a list of the approved HPMV routes and bridges which must not be crossed.

See here to download the KMZ map. This can be opened with Google Earth.

Other restrictions

There are some restrictions in the Transportation Bylaw which are relevant to heavy vehicle operators.

These cover:

  • Roads in urban areas on which heavy motor vehicles are permitted to travel. (Schedule D1)
  • Roads in urban areas on which heavy motor vehicles are permitted to travel or park between 8 pm on any weekday and 6 am the next day, and any Saturday, Sunday or Public holiday except for deliveries. (Schedule D2)
  • Roads in urban areas on which stock are permitted to be transported in heavy motor vehicles. (Schedule D3)
  • Weight or speed restrictions over bridges or culverts (Schedule G)
  • Routes in urban areas on which over dimension heavy vehicles may travel, other than for the purpose of picking up and delivery of goods. (Schedule N)
  • Roads subject to a speed limit of 50 km/h (Schedule L) or 70 km/h (Schedule N)

See here for a description of each of the bylaw schedules.

See here for the KMZ map showing where these restriction apply. This can be opened with Google Earth.

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