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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Bin it Right

Since 2011, the Council has been working towards its vision of zero waste. As a community, we have made great progress on improving our waste practices, but there is always more we can do. Since the introduction of the wheelie bin and crate kerbside collection service in September 2017, more recyclable items have been diverted away from landfill and into recycling - an increase of 32 per cent per household. This is a fantastic outcome, and a trend we would like to see continue.

It is a great step towards creating a more sustainable district for ourselves and the generations that come after us.​

Let's work together to sort, recycle and rubbish it right.​

Recycling plastics

From 1 August 2020, only certain plastics are allowed in your yellow recycling bin. The global markets that process plastics have changed, so we must change our recycling habits too. Hard, rigid plastic grades 1, 2 and 5 are recyclable, but grades 3, 4, 6, 7, those with no grade at all and all soft plastics need to go in the rubbish. All plastic container and bottle lids also need to go in the rubbish as they are too small to be recycled.

How do I know if the plastic is 1, 2 or 5?

Look for the little recycling triangle printed on the plastic bottle or container. If the plastic doesn't have the triangle and the number inside isn't 1, 2 or 5, then it needs to go in the rubbish.

Plastic lids for containers and bottles must all go in the rubbish as the recycling sorting centres cannot properly sort these items. Due to their shape and weight, they end up being accidentally ​mixed into the wrong recycling groups and contaminate these materials.​

Clean paper, cardboard, cans and tins can still go in your yellow recycling bin.​

Click on the image below to learn what can and can't go in each bin/crate:​

Our rubbish and recycling service

In 2017, Ashburton District Council began a new wheelie bin and crate kerbside collection service to replace the old bag and crate system. The service is provided to properties in Ashburton, Chertsey, Fairton, Lake Hood, Methven, Mt Somers, Mayfield, Winslow and Rakaia​. View the collection area maps​.

It includes:

  • A 240 litre yellow recycling wheelie bin
  • A 45 litre green crate for glass bottles and jars
  • An 80 litre red​ rubbish wheelie bin​

Plastic container lids and bottle lids cannot be recycled and must go in the rubbish. ​

​​​​​Additional wheelie bins are now available

Read the User Information and Terms and conditions​​ for the purchasing of additional wheelie bins.​​

If you are struggling to keep your weekly/fortnightly volume of rubbish and recycling inside the current service's limits, you can decide if you would like to pay for an additional service. The Council now has additional rubbish and recycling bins available if you need them. These bins are charged to the user, rather than through rates, which means tenants can pay for them rather than having to go through the landlord. These additional bins DO NOT replace the bins and crates provided through rates. They are an extra service.

The additional red rubbish bins are available in three sizes; 80 litres, 120 litres and 240 litres. The yellow recycling bin is available in a 240 litre size. They are charged through an annual fee based on their size. 

Prices for each bin are listed below. Please note that the 'upsize swap' charge is for instances where people pay for an additional bin and would then like to upsize to a bigger additional bin. It is not for exchanging bins already allocated through rates for a bigger bin.

Additional red rubbish wheelie bin​​Charge each year, each bin
80 litre wheelie bin (residential collection area)​​$148.00
120 litre wheelie bin (residential collection area)​​$186.00
240 litre wheelie bin (residential collection area)​​$300.00
80 litre wheelie bin (CBD collection area)​​$297.00
120 litre wheelie bin (CBD collection area)​​​$372.00​
240 litre wheelie bin (CBD collection area)​​​$599.00
​Wheelie bin upsize swap - administration and re-issue charge​$84.00
Additional yellow recycling wheelie binCharge each year, each bin
240 litre wheelie bin (residential collection area)​​$59.00
240 litre wheelie bin (CBD collection area)​​$119.0​​0
The glass crate collection service is limited to three per household and six per business​​Paid for through rates
Additional recycling bin or glass crate retrieval​​​Free

​​Request additional bins online

You can also request additional bins by contacting Customer Services on (03) 307 7700 or info@adc.govt.nzor visit the Council office, 5 Baring Square West, Ashburton.

Wheelie bin sticker worn out? ​Request a new one

Each wheelie bin and crate is assigned to a specific address. The address appears on the sticker on your yellow wheelie bin. 

You can request a new wheelie bin sticker either by getting in touch with us using the details above, or by filling out an online form.

Collection schedule calendars

The red rubbish bin is collected every week, while the yellow recycling wheelie bin and your green glass recycling crate are collected on alternate weeks from each other on a Week 1 and Week 2 schedule. Check the sticker on the side of your yellow recycling bin to see if it is collected on Week 1 or Week 2. Your green crate is collected on whichever week your yellow bin is not collected.

Download your kerbside collection calendar:

Week 1 collection calendar (check the sticker on the side of your yellow bin)
Week 2 collection calendar​ ​(check the sticker on the side of your yellow bin)

The latest calendar is also available as a hard copy at the Council office (5 Baring Square West, Ashburton).

Public Holidays​ - Christmas Day and Good Friday

If your collection day falls on Christmas Day or Good Friday, your bins/crate will be collected the very next day. All remaining collection days that week will also be picked up the day after their usual collection day. 

For example, if Christmas Day is on a Tuesday, Tuesday's collection is picked up on Wednesday, Wednesday's collection is picked up on Thursday, Thursday's collection is picked up on Friday and Friday's collection is picked up on Saturday. 

No other public holidays are affected. 

What goes in each bin

Your two wheelie bins and grate are each designed for different recycling and waste items. It's important you know what items can and cannot go in these bins and what you can do with items that cannot go in any of the bins.

See the full list of what can and cannot go in your bins/cate.

Yellow recycling wheelie bin

Your yellow recycling bin is for the following clean and loose (not bagged) items:

  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Aluminium cans
  • Metal tins
  • Plastic meat trays
  • Plastic bottles and containers grades 1, 2 & 5 (no lids).

If the plastic has a 3, 4, 6, 7 or no grade at all, it must go in your red rubbish bin with all lids.

Clean paper, magazines, cardboard, aluminium tins and cans will still go in your yellow recycling bin.

Tip: Make sure these items go in the bin loose, not in a plastic bag

Please do not put the following items in your yellow recycling bin. These can safety be dropped off at your local Resource Recovery Park:

​Batteries​Aerosol cans
​Bottle/container lids​Takeaway cups
​Electronics and electrical appliances​Clothing and shoes
​Toys​Plastic film and wrap
​CeramicsFast food packaging

There are various reasons why some items can't be put into the yellow recycling bin. It may be because they are too small to be machine sorted and get lost to waste during that process or it might be because there is a risk that the container may contain residue chemicals in it (for example, aerosol cans.)​


Green glass crate

Your green crate is for clean glass bottles and jars.

Tip: Remove the bottle or jar lid and put it in the rubbish bin

Glass is taken to a different sorting centre for recycling than the items in the yellow bin. If glass is put in the yellow recycling bin, it can break in the back of the collection truck and contaminate the load of clean recyclables in there, so it's important you put these glass bottles and jars in your green crate.

Ensure your glass bottles and jars are loose, not bagged and do not put broken glass in the crate.


Please do not put the following items in your green crate:

​Window glass​Pyrex or ovenware
​Drinking glasses​Optical lenses
​Opal glass​Medical or laboratory glass
​Television or computer screens​Bottle lids
​Light globes ( tungsten and LED​ bulbs can go in the ​red rubbish bin and fluorescent bulbs must be dropped off at a Resource Recovery park.)

​Red rubbish wheelie bin

Your red rubbish bin is for items that cannot go in the yellow recycling bin or green crate, including:

  • Household waste
  • Polystyrene products
  • ​Food scraps
  • Garden waste
  • Plastic bin liners
  • Plastic dog waste bags
  • Plastic container/bottle lids
  • Soft plastic and those graded 3, 4, 6, 7 and no grade.

Not all waste items can go in your rubbish bin, so make sure you dispose of these items correctly, or reduce your use of these items.

Putting batteries in the red rubbish bin should also be avoided as some batteries contain lithium (which can cause fires as the battery degrades.)

Why has my bin/crate not been collected?​

There could be several reasons why your bins/crate haven't been collected. These include not having them at the kerb on time; placing items in your bins/crate that cannot be collected; or having a bin that is overfull. Remember, the bin lids must be closed flat for them to be collected.​ ​

Check out this list to make sure you have used your bin/crate correctly. ​​

Your booklet - online version

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