District Plan

​​​​​​​​​​​On 7 August 2014, Ashburton District Council formally approved the adoption of the second generation Ashburton District Plan, this decision was notified on 14 August and the District Plan formally became operative on 25 August 2014. Plan Change 1 to the District Plan Became Operative on 20 April 2017.​

Please also note that Environment Canterbury (the Canterbury Regional Council) imposes additional consenting requirements for certain activities. It is advised that you phone Environment Canterbury on 0800 324 636 
(0800 EC INFO) or visit their webpage​ for more information.

Plan Change 1

View the Recommendations on Plan Change 1 adopted as Council Decisions
View the Appendices to the Decisions

Proposed Plan Change 2

The Proposed Plan Change 2 to the Operative Ashburton District Plan consisted of six distinct proposals addressing identified gaps and defici​encies to the Plan. The proposed changes are meant to improve the efficiency of the District Plan by clarifying, making additions or removal of the identified ambiguous provisions. 

This plan change has been adopted by Council with no appeals being received, the Operative version of the District Plan will be updated to reflect these changes.​

The proposed changes covered the following areas:

A.  Protection of salmon spawning areas
B.  Farming Activity/Intensive farming activity building size limit
C.  Roading Hierarchy
D.  Plains Museum land use zone boundary extension
E.  Livestock farming in Residential Zones
F.  Hours of operation of Licensed Premises in the Business Zone

The recommendations of the Commissioner on the requested decisions were considered and adopted by the Council at their meeting of 20 August 2019. The agenda containing the recommendations can be viewed here.

How to use the District Plan

The plan contains rules that may affect you if you are making a development or land-use proposal. To find out what is allowed to happen on a piece of land or in a neighbourhood (your area's zoning), refer to the District Plan Maps and Zones page.

When you have selected the map you are interested in:

1. Check which zone the site is in

The colour of the site will refer to a residential, commercial, central or recreational zone. Ashburton District Council divides zoning and other relevant information into chapters (listed below), these contain the rules and policies.

2. Check for symbols on the site

Symbols can represent a protected  tree or building. If there are symbols, you will need to look at the key and then the relevant chapter below.

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