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Ashburton District Plan: Private Plan Change 3​

Farmers Corner Development Limited has lodged a private plan change request with the Council. The plan change request relates to 21.0449 hectares of land located on the corner of State Highway 1 and Longbeach Road, Tinwald. The request seeks to insert a new ‘Rural Tourism Zone’ chapter into the Ashburton District Plan to provide for the continuation of, and expansion to, tourism activities on the site, guided by an Outline Development Plan (ODP).  
Notified on 30th January 2020
Submissions closed on 27th February 2020
Summary of Submissions notified on 7th May 2020
Further submissions closed on 22nd May 2020
Hearing to be held Tuesday 8th September 2020

Submitters Supporting Information​

​​Evidence of Deborah Hewett- NZTA

Applicant's Evidence ​

The following Applicant's Evidence has been provided and circulated to submitters who wish to be heard and the Commissioner​ for consideration at the hearing.​
Statement of Evidence of Liz White for Farmers Corner Development
Appendix 1
Landscape and Visual Effects Evidence Robert Watson

Officer’s s42A Report

The following Officer’s S42A report has been prepared and circulated to submitters who wish to be heard ​and the Commissioner for consideration at the hearing.​

Council Officer's Report
Appendix A - Summary of Submissions
Appendix B - Tracked Change rule package
Appendix C - Economic Effects Peer Review
Appendix D - Noise Effects Peer Review
Appendix E - Transportation Peer Review
Appendix F - Landscape Effects Peer Review

Notice of hearing

The hearing is to be held at 9.30am Tuesday 8th September 2020 in the Council Chambers at Ashburton District Council, Baring Square West Ashburton.  The purpose of the hearing is to give the submitters an opportunity to make a presentation in support of their submissions to the Hearing Commissioner. The hearing is open to the public however only submitters who have requested to be heard are able to speak.

Further Submissions

Further submissions on Plan Change 3 closed at 5pm on 22nd May 2020. ​
Public Notice for Further Submissions
Summary of Submissions


Public submissions on Plan Change 3 closed at 5pm on Thursday 27th February 2020. Eleven submissions were received in relation to plan Change 3 and can be viewed below: ​

B and M Francis
Brian and Judith Box​
David Jill and Debbie Geddes
Edward J Wood
Fire and Emergency New Zealand
GA and AJ Reith
L Francis
N and B Ridder
NZ Transport Agency
S and K Clements
S Reilly


The application and supporting documents are listed below: ​


For further information regarding this plan change, please contact Laura Connor by
Email: or phone: 03 307 7700​​

Resource consents​​​

There is no notified resource consents being processed at this time. 

​​Resource Consents granted 

Click here​​​​​​​​​​​​​ to view the list of Resource Consents granted under delegated authority for the month of August.​​

State of the Environment Reporting ​

Read about State of the Environment Reporting​ undertaken in 2017 and 2018.​

​​Application to remove a heritage item from the District Plan Schedule

Currently, the Ashburton District Plan lists the ​Peter Cates Grain Store at 229-241 West Street, Ashburton in its Schedule of Heritage buildings/items (H9, Appendix 12.1). The application, which follows, seeks to remove that listing on the basis that its current owner is unable to make an economic return given the costs of retaining and refurbishing the building to rentable state.

The application has been made to the Environment Court under section 85 of the Resource Management Act. It follows an earlier application for resource consent to demolish the building that was declined by the Council (LUC15/0006). An appeal by the current owner against that decision was subsequently withdrawn prior to the lodging of the section 85 application.

While the application is to be heard by the Environment Court, the Council has been asked to 'host' the application, along with any submissions and hearing documents, including any minutes and directions from the Court, on its website. Accordingly, all documents relevant to the application will be posted below and may be accessed by any party or the general public.

If you have any queries regarding the application, please contact the applicant (C/- the address for service in the application), or the Environment Court Registrar at Christchurch regarding the lodging of submissions.​

Section 85 Application: Part 1 and Part 2
Cates Annex 7
Cates Annex 8
Cates Annex 9
Cates Annex 10
Cates Annex 11
Cates Annex 12
C​ates Annex 13
Cates Annex 14
Cates Annex 15

Public Notice
Form 37
Minutes from Environment Court​ - 8 February
Minutes from Environment Court - 14 March

​​The following ​responses ​to the public notice ​​have been received

N. Gilkison
M. Hanrahan
Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga
Historic Places Mid Canterbury
M. Watson

Expert witness evidence

Ashburton District Council (Baird)
Ashburton District Council (Fletcher)
N. Gilkison
M. Hanrahan
Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga (Rykers)
Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga (Whybrew)
Historic Places Mid Canterbury
M. Watson

Supplementary Evidence

Redmond - Barry Redmond
Redmond - Barry Redmond (BNZ letter)
Redmond - Clark McLeod
Redmond - David Harford

​​​Conferencing Statements​

Agreed Statement of Facts
Joint Witness Statement - Heritage
Joint Witness Statement - Redmond Retail Ltd

Rebuttal Evidence​

Redmond-Barry Redmond
Redmond-Clark McLeod
Redmond-David Harford

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