Heritage Building Project

​Council has recently completed a project aimed at improving Council's records of "Category A" (high value) heritage structures in the District. The files below contain fact sheets for each of these items.

As well as providing information on the structures themselves, the documents provide interesting historical records relating to the development of our district.

Many of the items are on private property where your visit might interfere with the daily running of onsite operations or which might be dangerous for you, so if you want to visit a site and need access to private land to do so, please contact the landowner and get their consent before you visit.

Heritage Items

Heritage Item 1 Church of the Holy Name (Catholic)

Heritage Item 2 Mudbrick Cottage

Heritage Item 3 Ashburton Glassworks

Heritage Item 4 Pipe Shed

Heritage Item 5 St John's Church (Anglican)

Heritage Item 6 Former School

Heritage Item 7 Former Schoolhouse

Heritage Item 8 Corwar Lodge

Heritage Item 9 Peter Cates Grain Store

Heritage Item 13 Ashburton Railway Footbridge

Heritage Item 14 Plunket Rooms

Heritage Item 15 Pillar Box

Heritage Item 17 Staveley Lime Kiln - Christchurch Lime Company

Heritage Item 18 Staveley Lime Kiln - Langdown Pot Kiln

Heritage Item 19 Concrete Water Race

Heritage Item 20 Stone Cottage Hakatere Station

Heritage Item 21 WW2 Hangar

Heritage Item 22 WW2 Tarmac and Compass Rose

Heritage Item 23 Former Bulk Lime Store Depot

Heritage Item 24 Shearers' Quarters Hakatere Station

Heritage Item 25 the Ng King Chinese Market Garden Settlement

Heritage Item 26 Holmeslee House and Garden

Heritage Item 27 Akaunui.pdf

Heritage Item 132 Staveley Langdown Lime Quarry


Longbeach Estate Heritage Items

Please note that some of the items listed below are not protected under the District Plan but have been reviewed as they may be of interest to the community.

Longbeach B Potting sheds and hothouse

Longbeach C Chapel

Longbeach D Sod Cottage

Longbeach Estate General

Longbeach Estate Map

Longbeach F Homestead

Longbeach G Light Horse Stable

Longbeach H Draught Horse Stable

Longbeach I Butchery

Longbeach J Cookshop

Longbeach K Office

Longbeach L Flour Mill

Longbeach M Waterwheel

Longbeach N Smokehouse Bakery

Longbeach O Blacksmiths Shop

Longbeach P Saddlery

Longbeach Q Implement shed

Longbeach R Shearing Shed

Longbeach S Granary

Longbeach T Dairy

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