Parking Fines

​​How to Pay a Parking Fine

 You can pay in person, by post or online​.

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Infringement Type

Council can issue infringement Notices for:

  • Parking at an expired meter
  • Parking in excess of time limit
  • Prohibited Parking (broken yellow lines, bus stops)
  • Inconsiderate Parking
  • Failing to display a current Warrant of Fitness or Registration 

Infringement Fees

  • The fine for parking on an expired meter or over a time limit varies between $12 and $57 depending on the length of time. 
  • Parking on a mobility park without a permit $150
  • Displaying an expired registration and warrant of fitness $200 

Parking Explanation

You can make a parking explanation request and a brief summary of your legal rights is on the back of the infringement notice. 

Make a parking explanation request

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