Car Parking

​Free all-day parking

Council provides free all-day parking on most streets around the Central Business District and located within the Central Business District.

View a map of our free all-day parking

Note:  A trial of one hour free parking in East Street is ongoing until further notice. The one hour free parking only applies to East Street. All adjacent streets including Havelock, Burnett, Tancred, Moore and Kermode streets remain under the stand-alone metered parking system.

Other types of parking

  • Time Restricted Parking
  • Metered Parking (Kermode, Tancred, Moore, Burnett and Havelock streets)
  • Pay and Display (Cass Street car park)

Mobility parking and permits

There are 7 mobility parks in the Ashburton Central Business District:

​180 Havelock Street​87 Tancred Street
​West Street Car Park​54 Cass Street
​168 Burnett Street​235 Wills Street

If you find that mobility parking spaces are full, you can also use these parking spaces with extended
time limits:

  • P30 parking space: Up to 60 minutes
  • P60 parking space: Up to 120 minutes
  • P30 metered parking space: free of charge and up to 60 minutes
  • P60 metered parking space: free of charge and up to 120 minutes

There are no concessions for P 5, 10, 15, 120 and 180.

You must clearly display your mobility permit on the dashboard of your vehicle at all times.

Learn more about Mobility Parking and Mobility Permits in New Zealand
Read our Mobility Parking Policy


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