Air Quality

​​​Why Air Quality is Important

Good air quality is important for the health of our district's residents. Poor air quality, either from high levels of fine dust or from harmful gases, directly impacts our health.

Air pollution can also hinder people's ability to participate in outdoor activities. The environment can also be affected by polluted air, which can tarnish and corrode building materials and damage vegetation.

Air Pollution

During winter, wood burners and open fires are a popular form of domestic heating in Ashburton District. When operating correctly can be an efficient and economical heat source. However, chimneys that are producing a lot of smoke are a sign that the wood burner or fire is not being used correctly, is losing energy and heat and causing air pollution.

PM 10 is a particulate matter from smoke which hangs in the air and can cause health problems for asthma sufferers and others with respiratory weaknesses. This type of air pollution is also dangerous because it can absorb chemicals, which can then be carried into the lungs. The most vulnerable people are the elderly, babies, young children and those with existing respiratory conditions.

What Can I Do to Prevent Air Pollution?

So what can you do to prevent your wood burner or fire from creating air pollution?

  • Store woodpiles undercover so they don't become damp
  • Never burn green, wet or chemically treated wood
  • Start your fire with paper and dry kindling 
  • Clean your chimney every year
  • Keep your fire burning brightly


Page reviewed: 15 Dec 2016 9:09am