EA Networks Centre Project

EA Networks Centre Gym Review

​​The Council conducted an independent review of the EANC Gym three years after the gym began operating. The purpose of the review was to consider if it would be financially prudent to lease the gym out to a third party. Following the review, the Council decided to retain management of the gym, rather than lease it out.

Read the full review here​​

​Design Plans

View design plans for the EA Networks Centre

Hydroslide option

The EA Networks Centre has been designed with the ability to add a hydroslide leisure attraction to the aquatic centre if required in the future.

A hydroslide attraction would be in addition to the range of leisure features already included in the facility – a lazy river in the leisure pool, a kids splash deck attached to the leisure pool and inflatables for the main pool.

Council asked the chief executive to look at options for a hydroslide attraction. A report was prepared by consultants Maxwell Associates that looked at various options and the performance of a range of hydroslide attractions at other locations in New Zealand.

That report was presented to Council at its meeting on 20 February 2014.

Read the Maxwell report

Read the staff covering report

Council decided it would like the community to provide feedback before making any decisions.

In November 2014 a hydroslide survey went out to the community to get feedback on the various hydroslide options. 

Nearly 1600 completed surveys were returned to Council by the close off date of 1 December 2014. A few late arrivals saw the number increase to 1643. Council collated and analysed the results of the survey and put forward some options in the Council's Long Term Plan consultation document. Council approved the option to not budget for a hydroslide at this stage and to consider it again after 2017/18 in its Long Term Plan 2015-25.

The design of the EA Networks Centre allows for a hydroslide to be added at some point in the future if our community wants it, which means it could be considered in future long term plans.

Read the Long Term Plan 2015-25

Future development

Council has purchased land adjoining the EA Networks Centre site for future development of further sports facilities for the district. In all, the entire site will eventually be around 12 hectares.

View EA Networks Centre site Master Plan

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