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You are legally required to have your dog micro-chipped. You are required to provide Council with your dog's microchip details.  

Working dogs kept solely for driving herd stock are exempt from the requirement to be micro-chipped.

Working dogs

Working dogs do not need to be micro-chipped but you will have to declare it to Council.

Download a Working Dog Declaration form

Three plus dogs permit

You need to apply to the Council for a permit if you want to have more than two dogs in an urban-zoned area of the district. When applying for a permit, you will need:

  • A completed application form
  • An application fee of $41 (It costs $21 to renew your permit thereafter)
  • A boundary neighbours agreement
  • Good fencing
  • Kennelling suitable for the size and number of dogs you own
  • No recent history of complaints (e.g. excessive barking, roaming dogs, smells from dogs)

All dogs must be registered and any changes must be notified to Council.

Download a 3+ Dog Permit application form

Learn more in our Dog Control Bylaw

Learn more in our Dog Control Policy

Impounding and infringements

If you see a dog wandering​ or want to make a noise complaint, get in touch with Council right away on
03 307 7700 (​this number is available 24 hours, 7 days a week). 

Calls will be dispatched to Animal Control Services and actioned as soon as possible. 

Dogs caught wandering will be impounded and the owner charged an impounding fee for release and a sustenance fee for each day the dog is impounded.

If a dog owner fails to comply with Dog Control regulations they may be issued with an infringement notice and fined.

View the schedule of offences and fees

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