Dog Exercise Areas


​​​Dog exercise areas

There are many places in Ashburton district where you can exercise your dog. Dogs can exercise on Council owned reserves unless specified otherwise.

There are specifically designated areas where dogs can exercise off the leash. However, they must be under the direct control of their owners. This means your dog must respond to your commands at all times.

These areas are:

  • Ashburton Dog Exercise Park by Ashburton River (North end of bridge accessible​ via the end of William Street) 
  • Pioneer Park
  • Digby Park
  • Patching Street Reserve (excluding children's play area)
  • Devon Park (excluding children's play area)
  • Range Street (bottom end running riverside)
  • Smallbone Drive Reserve
  • George Glassey Park (excluding children's play area)
  • "The Green" - in Tinwald adjacent to the main south railway line South of the Ashburton River Bridge
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Respect and enjoy our dog exercise areas

Be a responsible dog owner in dog exercise areas:

  • Do not allow your dog to attack or annoy other dogs and people
  • Always collect and remove your dog's droppings
  • Female dogs in season are not allowed in public places
  • Dogs are not allowed on any children's play area

Poop bags and dispensers

Poop bags dispensers are located at all district exercise areas. If your dog fouls in a public place or on someone else's property, you are required to remove and dispose of it in a way that is suitably wrapped to prevent fouling of any public litter bin.

Owners that fail to do this may receive an infringement under Council's Dog Control Bylaw.

Areas where dogs are not permitted

In some areas, dogs are strictly prohibited. These areas are:

  • All cemeteries
  • All children's playground areas and paddling pool areas
  • All playing surfaces of public sports grounds
  • Any Public Library
  • Lake Clearwater Huts
  • Lake Camp Reserve

These areas are listed under the Dog Control Bylaw.

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