Barking Dogs

​​Excessive barking is tiresome and repetitive. It is one of the common dog complaints reported to councils. Barking is a dog's  natural means of communication. Your dog may be barking due to lack of stimulation, especially if left alone during the day. Dogs often bark when owners are not home and this can be disturbing for their neighbours.

​If you are the neighbour to an excessively barking dog, it may be reasonable for you to approach the dog owner and explain the problem to them, OR report the problem to Council on (03) 307 7700.Preventing excessive barking

​Ensure your dog is comfortable and is exercised regularly, and make sure the dog has toys to amuse itself with when alone, such as bones, balls etc. If you're heading away for a long period of time (a few days or weeks), leave your dog with friends or at boarding kennel. During the day, house your dog so that it isn't able to see things to bark at. ​

Page reviewed: 20 Jun 2019 10:42am