Fees and Charges


​​​​​​​​​​​Ashburton District Council has reviewed fees and charges for the 2018/19 year.

The following notes should be read in conjunction with the schedule of fees and charges.

  • All fees and charges are inclusive of GST at the rate of 15%.
  • All fees and charges scheduled apply to the 2018/19 year only. Changes may be made during the year by resolution of Council or statutory requirement.
  • While Council has aimed to provide a complete and accurate schedule of charges, if any errors or omissions are identified, charges will be calculated by reference to the appropriate underlying authority/resolution. Council reserves the right to vary and introduce fees and charges at its discretion.
  • All fees are fixed fees, unless stated as minimum charge and charged at time and cost (T/C)
  • Fees set by statue are not included and can be found in the relevant Act.  

Download a list of our fees and charges​

Building Regulation

(A) These fees are a minimum fee. When the cost to Council of providing the service exceeds this minimum charge, the Council may recover all additional costs on a time and cost basis. Time in excess of that covered by minimum fees will be charged in 15 minute increments to the nearest quarter hour.

Building consent processing is charged at a fixed hourly rate, in 15 minute increments.

(B) Additional costs incurred by Council to provide the service required, such as materials and consultants, are charged at the cost to Council plus 10% cost for administration. 

 Building fees and charges are charged under the Building Act 2004. Building infringements are determined by statute and can be found in the Building (Infringement Offences, Fees and Forms) Regulations 2007. The Building Research Association of New Zealand (BRANZ) levy is charged under the Building Research Levies Act 1969. The Department of Building and Housing (DBH) levy is charged under the Building Levy Order 2005.

PLEASE NOTE: GST is not charged on any Branz Levy charges.

1.1 Charge-out rates
Administration Officer - per hour $90.00
Building Official – per hour $129.00
Senior Building Official – per hour $155.00
Miscellaneous Documents $90.00
Scanning fee (where a digital copy of an application is not provided at lodgement) $80.00
1.2 Building Consent – Projects up to $19,999 value
PIM Fee (up to 30 minutes) (A) $77.60
Administration (A) $154.80
Processing (per hour) $129.00
Code of Compliance Certificate Fee (up to 30 minutes) (A) $65.00
Inspection Fee (per inspection) (A) $162.00
District Plan Compliance Fee (A) $32.00
1.3 Building Consent – Projects between $20,000 and $99,999 value
PIM Fee (up to one hour) (A) $155.10
Administration (A) $194.40
Processing (per hour) $129.00
Code of Compliance Certificate (up to one hour) (A) $129.00
Inspection Fee (per inspection) (A) $162.00
BCA Accreditation levy - per $1,000 of project value $0.50
BRANZ levy – per $1,000 of project value $1.00
DBH levy - per $1,000 of project value $2.01
District Plan Compliance Fee (A) $60.00
1.4 Building Consent - Projects Between $100,000 and $499,999
PIM Fee (up to one hour and 45 minutes) (A) $271.60
Administration (A) $310.80
Processing (per hour) $129.00
Code of Compliance Certificate Fee (up to 2 hours) (A) $259.00
Inspection Fee (per inspection) (A) $162.00
BCA Accreditation levy - per $1,000 of project value $0.50
BRANZ levy – per $1,000 of project value $1.00
DBH levy – per $1,000 of project value $2.01
District Plan Compliance Fee (A) $120.00
1.5 Building Consent - Projects $500,000 and Above 
PIM Fee (up to 2.5 hours) (A) $387.90
Administration (A) $387.60
Processing Fee (per hour) $129.00
Code of Compliance Certificate Fee (up to 2 hours) (A) $259.00
Inspection Fee (per inspection) (A) $162.00
BCA Accreditation levy - per $1,000 of project value $0.50
BRANZ levy – per $1,000 of project value $1.00
DBH levy – per $1,000 of project value $2.01
District Plan Compliance fee (A) $130.00
1.6 Building Consents – General Fees
Demolition (Residential) (A) $305.00
Building Consent Amendment - Application Fee $97.00
Building Consent Amendment – Processing Fee (per hour) $129.00
Additional Inspection (per inspection) (A) $162.00
Building Consent Extension of Time $97.00
Building Consent Activity Report - per month $15.00
​Building Consent Activity Report - per year ​$150.00
Fencing of Swimming Pool – (per inspection) (A) $162.00
Fencing of Swimming Pools Exemption Application Fee No longer applicable
Compliance Schedule Fee (A) $129.00
Compliance Schedule Audit (A) – section 111 Building Act (per hour) $135.00
Compliance Schedule Amendment Application Fee $97.00
Marquee Application Fee (max. of 3 Marques per application) $168.00
Marquee Inspection Fee (per inspection) (A) $162.00
Heating Appliances (A) $304.00
Solar Hot Water Heater (Stand Alone) (A) $433.00
Notice to Fix (A) $67.00
Notices for section 73 or 77 of the Building Act 2004 (A) $140.00
Certificate for Public Use (A) $249.00
Building Exemption Processing (A) $245.00
1.7 ​Hairdresser Warrant of Fitness ​$31.00
1.8Building Warrant of Fitness - Administration Fee​$110.00

1.9 Property File Inspection Fee (A)  - per hour. Minimum half hour charge

​Note: ADC ratepayers can inspect one of their own files once per year free of charge

1.10 Written/Photocopied Information in respect of any Building Consent(A)
Administration fee per half hour $45.00
Photocopying charges See Section 20.3
1.11 Certificate of Acceptance – Application Fee (A) - section 96-99 Building Act 2004 ​$562.00

1.12  Fire Service Audit Fee (A)

           Fire Service Report Fee (B)

​$162.00 ​

At Cost

1.13 ​Building Infringements ​​Statutory fee
1.14Certificate of Title Request Fee ​​$15.00

Development Contributions

Further information on development contributions can be found in Council's  Development and Financial Contributions Policy. Development contributions are charged under the Local Government Act 2002.

Catchment Water Wastewater Community Infrastructure Total
Methven $3,718$336$2,875 $6,929
Rakaia $256- $2,875
Hinds $917- $2,875
Fairton $2,367 -$2,875$5,242
All Other - - $2,875

 *Lake Hood forms part of the Ashburton water scheme.

Food Licences

From 1 March 2016 the registered food premises administered under the Food Hygiene Regulations 1974  were progressively phased under the new Food Act 2014 and Food Regulations 2015.  

 Important Note: Food Control Plans registered under the new Act prior to 1 March 2016 have a 3 year registration period until 29 February 2019.  However, these premises are still subject to verification audits and monitoring at an audit frequency reflective of the business risk. 

The following fee and breakdowns are therefore reflective of the above changes in legislation and additional audit activities:

Food Hygiene Regulations 1974: 1 Jul 2018 - 30 Jun 2019​
3.1Food Control Plan Licence (Renewal) 
 Low RiskPre-packed food/No kitchen $200.00
 Medium RiskCafé/Small Eating House $300.00
 High RiskRestaurant/Large Eating House $350.00
Food Act 2014:
3.2New Registration 
 Food Control Plan – Single Site ​$150.00
 Food Control Plan – Multi Site ​$225.00
 National Programme$150.00
 Food Control Plans or National Programmes over 1 hour ​$150.00 per hour
 Advisory Fee or Pre-opening visits ​$150.00 per hour
 Food Control Plan mentoring fee ​$300.00
3.3Registration Renewals 
 12 Month Food Control Plan Single Site Renewals ​$150.00
 12 Month Food Control Plan Multi Site Renewals ​$225.00
 24 Month National Programme Renewals ​$190.00


3.4Monitoring and Compliance 
 Food Control Plans – annual (including those registered before 1 March 2016)$75.00
 National Programmes – 24 months$150.00
 Food Control Plan – single site audit (including follow up to 15 minutes)$300.00
 Food Control Plan – multi site audit (including follow up to 15 minutes)$150.00 per hour
 Food Control Plan audit follow up over 15 minutes$150.00 per hour
 National Plan Level 1 Check (one-off)$150.00 per hour
 National Plan Level 2 Audit – 3 yearly$150.00 per hour​
 National Plan Level 3 Audit – 2 yearly$150.00 per hour
 Complaint resulting in issue of improvement notice by Food Safety Officer and its review$150.00 per hour
 Additional visits for non-compliance$150.00 per hour
 Assessment over 1 hour$150.00 per hour

Land Information Memorandum (LIM)

LIM fees are charged under the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987.

4.1 Land Information Memorandum (LIM) fee
Residential property $248.40
Non-residential property $496.80

Alcohol Licensing and Gambling Venue Consent Fees

Alcohol licensing fees are charged under Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act (Fees) Regulations 2013. Gambling venue consent fees are charged under the Gambling Act 2003 and Racing Act 2003. ​

5.1 Cost and Risk Fee CategoryLicence Application Fee* Licence Annual Fee
Very Low $368.00 $161.00
Low $609.50 $391.00
Medium $816.50 $632.00
High $1,023.50 $1,035.00
Very High $1,207.50 $1,437.50

 *Applies to applications for new licences, renewals of licences and variations to licences (including redefinition of licensed premises)

5.2 Special Licences  ​(Future processing of Special Licences may be subject to change following the Council adoption of the Local Alcohol Policy) ​

Class 3 - One or two small events
Note: A "small" event is an event that will have less than 100 attendees ​


Class 2 – Three to twelve small events or one to three medium events
Note: A "medium" event is an event that will have between 100 and 400 attendees ​


Class 1 – Thirteen or more small events or; four or more medium events or; a large event and / or (irrespective of number of attendees) the event is a Rodeo
Note: A "large" event is an event that will have more than 400 attendees ​

5.3 Application Type
Manager's certificate application $316.25
Temporary authority $296.70
Temporary licence $296.70
Appeal to ARLA $517.50
Extract of register (ARLA or DLC) $52.50
5.4Gambling Venue Consent Fee ​$575.00

Public Health Licensing

Public health license fees are charged under Health (Registration of Premises) Regulations 1966.

6.1 Hairdressers Licence ​​$127.60
Change Of Ownership $53.10
Extra inspection fee for non-compliance per inspection $79.80
6.2 Funeral Directors Licence ​​$127.60
Change of Ownership $53.10
Extra inspection fee for non-compliance per inspection $79.80
6.3 Camping Ground Licence ​$127.60
Change of Ownership $53.10
Extra inspection fee for non-compliance per inspection $79.80
6.4 Offensive Trades Licence​$127.60
Change of Ownership $53.10
Extra inspection fee for non-compliance per inspection $79.80
6.5Annual Mobile Shop or Stall Licence  
Risk A - no food prepared or sold$53.10
Risk B - Low to medium food safety risk$100.00
Risk C - Medium to high food safety risk$150.00
Additional Inspection Fee (per inspection) $79.80
6.8 One Day Mobile Shop of Stall Licence
Risk A $21.20
Risk B $50.00
Risk C $75.00
Additional Inspections Fee per inspection $79.80 ​

Mobile Shops, Stalls and Hawkers Permits, and Amusement Devices Fees

Mobile shops, stalls and hawkers are charged under the Ashburton District Council Mobile Shops, Stalls and Hawkers Bylaw. The amusement devices fee is set by the Amusement Devices Regulations 1978. Ground rental for the use of Council open space, such as the use of grounds required for circuses or fairs is charged under section 14, Open
Spaces Fees.​​

1 July 2018 - 30 June 2019
Hawkers and Itinerant Traders Permit
Circuses and Fairs Licence per day
Amusement Devices Fee - first  device
Each subsequent device
​Annual Mobile Shop or Stall Permit*   
Risk A – No food prepared or sold
Risk B – Low to medium food safety risk$100.00
Risk C – Medium to High food safety risk
Additional Inspection Fee (per inspection)
One Day Mobile Shop or Stall Permit*​   
Risk A$21.20
Risk B
Risk C$75.00
Additional Inspections Fee per inspection$79.80

*Excluding mobile shops and stalls with registered Food Control Plans and National Programmes under the Food
Act 2014​

Planning and Resource Consents

Planning and resource consent fees are charged under the Resource Management Act 1991. Fees indicated by a (C) below are a minimum fee. Council may recover all additional costs on a time and cost basis. Additional charges will be determined on the basis of actual and reasonable costs. Time in excess of that covered by minimum fees will be charged in 30 minute increments to the nearest half hour.

Costs incurred by Council, such as travel, materials and consultant fees are charged at the cost to Council plus 10% cost of administration.

Costs associated with the review of compliance with the provisions of the Resource Management Act 1991, the Ashburton District Plan and the monitoring of resource consent conditions will be recovered on a time/cost basis. For the monitoring of consent conditions, any costs to be recovered will be less any monitoring fees paid at the time of application.

If the cost of receiving and processing a resource consent application is less than the prescribed fee, Council may refund the difference to the applicant. (D)

For Land Use Consents a $70 monitoring fee will be charged. This fee is refundable where consent is not granted or the application is withdrawn. (E)

Council may create and install a new rapid plate and number on a site where it has been identified that the existing plate has been moved from its surveyed location by more than 20m. All costs associated with resurveying, creating and installing new plates will be passed on to the landowner.

8.1 Charge-out Rates - per hour
First 30 minutes of pre-application advice is free of charge

District Planning Manager/ Senior Planner$180.00
Planner/ Environmental Monitoring Staff$135.00
Graduate Planner$125.00
Planning Administration Officer$100.00
Internal technical advice/Support$150.00
ConsultantsCost + 10% admin fee
Legal adviceCost + 10% admin fee
Scanning fee (where a digital copy of an application is not provided at lodgement)$80.00
Misc Charges(C) 
Affixing seal$150.00
Miscellaneous documents$150.00
8.2 Application for change to District Plan (C) (D)$25,000.00
8.3​ Land Use Consent Applications Minimum charges (C) 
Non-notified (non-complying status) (E)$1,275.00
   Limited notified(D)(E)$4,145.00
Full notified(D)(E)$6,045.00
Limited notified (non-complying status) (D) (E)$4,345.00
Full notified (non-complying status) (D) (E)$6,345.00
Non-notified application for non-compliance with internal setback and / or recession plane rules only.$650.00
Resource Consent exemption for boundary intrusion$245
Resource consent exemption for minor or temporary non compliance $800
8.4 Subdivision Consent Applications – Minimum charges (C) 
Change to Flats Plan or Unit Title$975.00
Non-notified (non-complying status)$1,175.00
Limited notified(D)$4,175.00
Full notified (D)$5,975.00
Full/limited notified (non-complying status) (D)$6,175.00
Per lot fee (for the fourth lot and each additional lot, including reserves for utilities / recreation)$55.00
Section 223 Certificate$250.00
Section 224 Certificate$250.00
Section 226 Certificate$400.00
District Land Registrar consultation$105.00
Right of way consent – Section 348 of LGA 2002$350.00
8.5 Hearing Panel Charges (additional to fee for full / limited notification) 
CommissionerAt cost + 10%
Panel comprising 2 Councillors$180.00
Panel comprising 3 Councillors (per hour)$260.00
Pre-hearing meeting (per hour)At cost

8.6 Other Applications – Minimum charge (C)
For any application lodged under the following sections

1.       S125 Extension of time for consent (non-notified)$600.00
2.       S125 Extension of time for consent (notified)$5,600.00
3.       S127  Application  to  change/cancel  a  condition                 (non- notified)$800.00
4.       S127 Application to change/cancel a condition                       (notified)$5,800.00
5.       S139 Certificate of Compliance$1,500.00
6.       S139A Certificate of Existing Use$1,000.00
7.       S10 (2) Extension of existing use rights$1,000.00
8.       S168/168A Notice of Requirement for designation$5,000.00
9.       S181 Application for alteration to a designation$1,200.00
10.    S182 Removal of a designation$250.00
11.    S184 Extension of time for designations$500.00
12.    S176 Application for outline plan$500.00
13.    S176A Application for outline plan waiver$150.00
14.    Preparation/change or cancellation of consent                      notices$150.00
15.    Removal/refund of bonds and caveats$250.00
16.    Review of delegated decision to reject application$800.00
17.    Cancellation of amalgamation$900.00
18.    Overseas investment certificate application$200.00
19.    Removal of building line restriction$500.00

8.​ Rapid Number Plate

Allocation of new Rapid Number (Includes plate)$60.00
Resurveying site access where allocated number is no longer correct.At cost
Replacement Rapid Number plate$25.00

Bylaw Fees and Fines

Bylaw fees and fines are charged under the Local Government Act 2002. When the cost of bylaw monitoring and/or enforcement related processes exceed the stated fee, (minimum charge), Council may recover all additional costs on a time and cost basis. (F)

10.1 Fees under the Ashburton District Bylaws
Licence to keep bees or poultry (urban areas) $26.60
Licence to keep stock (urban areas) $26.60
Removal of advertising signs (F) $159.40
Regulatory functions and enforcement (F) $79.80
10.2 Litter Fines
​ Maximum permitted under the Litter Act 1979 ​$408.90
Clean-up relating to litter and illegal dumping infringements (E) $53.10
10.3 Noise Equipment Seizure - Return of seized equipment (F) ​$106.30

Water Sampling – Private Supplies

Water sampling fees are charged under the Health Act 1956. The fee stated below is a minimum fee. When the cost of water testing exceeds the stated fee (minimum charge) the Council may recover all additional costs on a time charge basis. (G) 

11.1 Bacteriological Water Testing -Minimum charge (G) ​$30.00

Water Services

Water service connection fees are charged under Ashburton District Council Bylaws – Water Supply.

12.1 Service Connection Application and Inspection Fee (payable on application)
Single Service – for one type of service i.e. water only or sewer only $330.00
Multiple Services – two or more types of service i.e. water & sewer or sewer & stormwater etc.$390.00
Note: Only Council-approved contractors can undertake service connection or disconnection work. The scope of the work includes all construction from the property boundary up to and including connection to the Council main* (or kerb and channel for stormwater connections). The applicant is required to engage an "Approved Contractor" of their choice and meet the costs of the work directly. Council undertakes to inspect the work during and/ or at the completion of construction. Written approval of the physical work will be provided to the applicant and the contractor. ​
12.2 ​Water Main Tapping Fee (payable on application)
Connections 50mm diameter and smaller - Ashburton only $190.00
Connections 50mm diameter and smaller - Other ADC supplies$300.00

Connections greater than 50mm diameter (All Supplies)

Physical work associated with live tapping of water mains shall be undertaken only by Council's maintenance contractor. The cost of this work will be recovered by Council. ​

At Cost  (Deposit $1,000)

12.3  ​NW Ashburton Reticulation Cost Recovery Fee$1,291.00
​This fee recovers the cost of providing reticulation to the North West Ashburton area and is payable at the time of application to connect to the Ashburton water supply. ​

This fee is in addition to development contributions, service connection application and inspection fee and main tapping fee.

The fee applies to new connections to the Ashburton water supply in the following locations:

  • Farm Road (Middle Road to Racecourse Road)
  • Allens Road (Mill Creek to Racecourse Road)
  • Carters Road (Farm Road to Allens Road)
  • Racecourse Road (Farm Road to Belt Road)
  • Charlesworth Drive
  • Primrose Place
  • Hanrahan Street (Extension)
  • Douglas Drive
  • Ayers Green
12.4 ​Additional Inspection – payable by contractor should re-inspection be required $162.00
12.5 Service Disconnection Fee (Invoiced at completion) ​At Cost
12.6 Bulk Water Charge (Per m3) – For water supplied through contractor filling points (or nominated hydrants) for purposes other than fire-fighting and hydrant testing $4.30 m3
12.7 Water Meter Testing Charge (Payable on Application) ​
​Customers who believe their water meter is not measuring correctly can apply to have the meter tested for accuracy. This fee includes the cost of recovering the meter, testing at an approved facility, and provision of a test report. If the tested meter fails to meet accuracy requirements detailed in the ADC Bylaw, the cost of the testing is refunded. 
Meter smaller than 25mm diameter – Ashburton water supply $294.00
Meter smaller than 25mm diameter – Other ADC water supplies $394.00
Meter 25mm diameter or larger – All ADC water supplies ​At Cost
12.8 Stormwater Resource Consent Monitoring - Council reserves the right to recover costs arising from third party non-compliance with resource consent conditions​At cost + 10% admin fee

Roading and Footpaths

Roading and footpath fees are charged under the Local Government Act 1974.

13.1 New Vehicle Crossing - ​Includes application fee and two inspections . Costs to construct are the responsibility of the applicant. ​​$150.00
13.2 Temporary Fence - ​​Includes application fee and two inspections. Costs to construct are the responsibility of the applicant.​$150.00
13.3 Oil on Road - ​​Includes application fee and two inspections. Costs to construct are the responsibility of the applicant.​$150.00
13.4 Additional inspections ​$150.00
13.5 Pipe Under Road - Includes application fee and two inspections. Costs to construct are the responsibility of the applicant.$150.00
13.6 Abandoned Vehicle Recovery
​Ashburton Urban Area​$150.00
All other areas​​$300.00

Open Spaces

Open Spaces hire fees are charged under the Ashburton District Council Open Spaces Bylaw. Fees are also included in Council's Use of Sports Fields Policy. Please note – some exemptions and restrictions apply for the use of Open Spaces. For more information, see the Use of Sports Fields Policy. 

Casual usage (per day)​ 
Hire of Picnic Ground for casual usage, per day (plus $25 refundable key bond)$30.00
Field size – up to 200m²$30.00
Field size - 200m² to 5,000m²$50.00
Field size – 5,000m² to 10,000m²$100.00
Field size – 10,000m² to 50,000m²$155.00
Field size – 50,000m² to 100,000m²$210.00
Field size – 100,000m² to 200,000m²$265.00
Field size – greater than 200,000m² (plus $1,300 refundable bond)$350.00
Ongoing usage (per season) 
Field size - 200m² to 5,000m²$100.00
Field size – 5,000m² to 10,000m²$200.00
Field size – 10,000m² to 50,000m²$310.00
Field size – 50,000m² to 100,000m²$420.00


Property fees are charged under the Local Government Act 2002. Mobile shop or stall site rentals are charged under the Ashburton District Council Bylaws – Mobile Shops, Stalls and Hawkers.

15.1 Signing Documents Under Seal

Registerable Memorandum of Transfer of Lease  
Registerable Memorandum of Variation of Lease Registerable Memorandum of Lease
Registerable Deed of Lease
Registerable Variation of Deed of Lease
Non-Registerable Deed of Lease (Reserves, Hut Sites etc.)
Consent to Transfer Lessees Interest (non-registerable deeds)

New Lease prepared "in house" (non-registerable deed) $150.00
New Licence to occupy prepared "in house" $200.00
Consents (Council approval as affected party)$100.00
15.2 Mobile Shop or Stall Site Rental
Methven site rental – per week $125.00
Ashburton site rental – per week $125.00
​Footpath rental fee (CBD)​$220.00
​Footpath rental fee for temporary usage (i.e. demolition)​$10 per day
​Application fee​$145.00
​15.3  Additional Administration Charges (first hour
          free, all extra time charged on an hourly basis)
​Commercial Manager / Senior Property Officer​$150.00
​Property Officer / Facilities Management Officer​$110.00
​Administration Officer​$90.00

Refuse and Recycling

Rubbish and recycling fees and charges are charged under the Waste Minimisation Act 2008.

16.1 Kerbside Refuse Collection 
Prepaid Refuse Bags – roll of 5 bags$11.70
Individual Prepaid Refuse Bag$2.35
New or additional Green Recycling Crate$15.60
Replacing an old/damaged green crate (in exchange for old/damaged crate)Free
Replacement 240l Recycling Wheelie Bin (yellow lid) - delivered$35.00
Replacement 80l Rubbish Bin (red lid) - delivered$30.50
Additional Refuse Collections 
Additional 80l rubbish wheelie bin collection service (each/year)$142.00
Additional 120l rubbish wheelie bin collection service (each/year)$178.00
Additional 240l rubbish bin wheelie collection service (each/year$287.00
Additional 80l rubbish wheelie bin CBD collection service (each/year)$284.00
Additional 120l rubbish wheelie bin CBD collection service (each/year)$356.00
Additional 240l rubbish wheelie bin CBD collection service (each/year$574.00
Additional rubbish bin – upsize swap (administration and re-issue charge)$80.50
Additional Recycling Collections 
Additional 240l recycling bin collection service (each/year)$57.00
Additional 240l recycling bin CBD collection service (each/year)$114.00
The glass crate collection service is limited to three per household and six per businessPaid for on rates
Additional recycling bin or crate retrievalFree
16.2 Ashburton & Rakaia Resource Recovery Park Fees 
Minimum charge (up to 80kg)Replaced by charges below
Residual Waste Minimum Charge (up to 40kg)$6.00
Residual Waste Minimum Charge (40 – 80kg)$15.00
Residual Waste Minimum Charge (80 – 120kg)$25.00
Residual Waste loads over 120kg – rate per tonne$233.87
Green Waste – Minimum charge (up to 80kg)$9.50
Green waste – per tonne$99.72
Car/ Light Truck/ 4x4 - per tyre$5.30
Heavy Truck – per tyre$10.80
Standard Tractor tyre under 150kg -  $ per tonne$41.25

Heavy Machine Tyre Under 1500mm Diameter - 
$ per tonne


Heavy Machine Tyre Over 1500mm Diameter –
$ per tonne

Car body - (Stripped/each)$62.20
Cleanfill and rubble $ per tonne$143.40
Electronic Waste – Flat Screens, CRT Monitors, TVs, stereos and computersFree
16.3 Methven Drop-off Site - Greenwaste
Minimum charge$9.50
Green waste – per/ m3$26.85​


Cemetery fees are charged under the Burial and Cremation Act 1964 and Ashburton District Council Bylaws - Cemeteries.

​17.1 Purchase of Burial or Cremation Plot - For exclusive right in perpetuity of burial in Division 1 of the standard cemetery or the lawn cemetery and the issue of a Certificate of Purchase ​
Grave plot 2.75m by 1.22 m (standard cemetery) - no concrete beam $815.00
Grave plot 3.12m by 1.22 m (lawn cemetery) - includes concrete beam $1,360.00
Grave plot 1.8m by 0.60m (children's section) - includes concrete beam). $835.00
Cremation plot $630.00
Duplicate Certificate of Purchase $85.00
17.2 Interment Fees 
Burial fee$1,220.00
Burial of stillbirth child $275.00
Burial of infant under 9 years $475.00
Burial of ashes$270.00
17.3 Additional Interment Fees
Additional fee for less than eight (8) working hours' notice of burial$240.00
Additional fee for burial performed up to 1.00 pm on a Saturday (including digging and /or burial where the casket is in the ground and ceremony completed) $240.00
Additional fee for burial past 1.00 pm on Saturday, all day Sunday, and on any statutory or recognised holiday. (the additional fee outlined for a Saturday burial prior to 1pm is not charged if this fee is applicable) $690.00
Additional fee for work after 4.30 pm. (where possible funeral ceremonies should be clear of the cemetery by 4:00 pm to enable the sexton to close the grave) $240.00
Disinterment Fee$585.00
Re-interment Fee$585.00
Extra depth (i.e. grave deeper than 1.5m / 200mm) $135.00
Re-open grave for second interment (in addition to interment fee) $125.00
17.4 ​For work involved in piercing, cutting or removing stone, brickwork, concrete, or similar material for the purpose of opening, for interment, disinterment, or any other purpose any grave or vault (in addition to any interment, disinterment, reopening and other fees payable) $330.00

Non-resident/Ratepayer Fee Applies to all cemeteries.

"Resident of Ashburton District" means any person who has resided in the District for a period of 3 months of his or her life, and does not include a person who has been temporarily in the District at the time of death or during illness immediately preceding death.

Additional 30% of plot and interment fee
​​17.5 Approval of Plans and Specifications of proposed tombstone, memorial, vault or similar and the issue of a permit for the erection and construction $60.00
17.6 Cemetery Record Printout $5.00

Trade Waste Disposal

Trade waste fees are charged under Ashburton District Council Bylaws Chapter 17 – Trade Wastes Bylaw.

18.1 Trade Waste Application Fee​$0.00
18.2 Registration fee for a trade waste consent $126.00
18.3 Annual charge for a permitted category $95.00
18.4 ​Annual charge for conditional consent $158.00
18.5 Transgression follow up inspections /   investigations ​At Cost
18.6  ​Trade waste excess volume charges – per m3 $0.56
18.7 Trade waste excess BOD5 charges – per kg$1.99
18.8Septic tank waste – per m3 $25.00


Parking fees are charged under Ashburton District Council Bylaws Chapter 10 – Transportation and Parking Management.

​19.1 Parking Meter Charges
​P60 meters$1.00 per hour
​P120 meters$0.60 per hour
Cass St Car Park Pay and Display  Meter
$2.00 per day
19.2 Parking Permit – Metered Parking Space
Day $12.00
Week $50.00
Month $180.00
19.3 Parking Permit – Restricted Parking Space
Day $6.00
Week $25.00
Month $90.00


Administration fees are charged under the Local Government Act 2002. 

20.1 Research and archive retrieval fee – per hour. Minimum half hour charge.​$80.00
20.2 Taxi rank fee – per taxi per year ​$76.70
20.3 Photocopy Charges
A4 – per page black and white $0.20
A4 – per page colour $0.40
A3 – per page black and white $0.40
A3 – per page colour $0.80
A2 Plans per page $4.00
A1 Plans per page $6.00
A0 Plans per page $9.00
A2-A0 Full colour posters At cost
Microfiche reader print – per A4 page (Library) $0.50
20.4 Rates Search and GIS Fees - per hour. Minimum half hour charge. $150.00 ​
​20.5 Sales
​Rapid Map - Laminated​$15.00


Library charges are charged under the Local Government Act 2002.

21.1 Rentals and Services
​Reserved books​$2.00
​Inter-loan requests - minimum fee​$5.50
​Videos/DVDs - Adults - per week​$2.60
​Videos/DVDs sets - Adults - per week​$6.10
​Rental magazines per issue​$1.00
​Replacement card​$3.50
​Cancelled books​$1.00
​Non-resident issues - Adults - surcharge​$1.00
​Non-resident issues - Children's - surcharge​$0.50
​Library research fee - per 30 minutes​$15.50
​Book covering - per book​$3.50
21.2 Fines
​Overdue fines - Adults - oer week or part thereof​$1.00
​Overdue fines - Children - per week or part thereof​$0.50
21.3 Sales
​Library Bag​$0.50

Animal Control

Animal control fees are charged under the Dog Control Act 1996.

(H) When the cost of animal control and enforcement and related processes exceeds the stated fee (minimum charge) the Council may recover all additional costs on a time and cost basis.

Note: Dogs must be registered by three months of age.

22.1 Dog Registration Fees
Rural - per 1st and 2nd dog$54.00 (for 1st and 2nd dog)
​Rural - per subsequent dog​$27.00 per subsequent dog
Late registration penalty fee - rural $27.00
​Menacing dog - rural​$54.00
​Dangerous dog - rural​$81.00
Urban - un-neutered dog $83.00
​Urban - de-sexed dog ​$54.00
​Late registration penalty fee - urban$41.00
Menacing dog - urban$83.00
Dangerous dog - urban$124.00
Disability assist dogsFree
Responsible dog owners - per dog$49.00
Penalty fee for late registration of urban de-sexed dogs$27.00
Micro-chip fee per dog (H) $16.00
Licence to keep 3 or more dogs - urban$46.00
​Renewal of licence to keep 3 or more dogs​$24.00

Urban de-sexed dog fee reductions will only be given at the commencement of the registration year and upon receipt of a veterinarian's certificate. Dog owners are advised that the fees set out above become due for payment on 1 July and that registration forms will be sent out in late June.
* Rural fees apply to all dogs that are kept on properties within the Rural A, B & C Zones of the Ashburton District Plan. For all other zones the urban dog registration fee will apply.

​22.2 Impounding Fees - Dogs​
First offence $80.00
Second or more offence (per offence)$200.00
Microchip fee (H) $15.00
Daily sustenance fee – charged on impound and every 24 hours thereafter $15.00
22.3 Impounding Fees – Stock
Stock call-out fee (H) $52.00
Impounding fee per head (when stock have to be transported to alternative area for impounding) $52.00
Daily sustenance fee At cost

Official Information Requests

Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987 (LGOIMA) Requests

​23.1 Official Information Request - Staff Time
First hour Free
Per half hour$40.00
Copying and printing is charged as per the fees in 20.3. All other charges incurred in responding to a request for official information will be recovered on an actual cost basis. ​

 EA Networks Centre

​24.1 Pool Admission Prices - per swim
​Child (5-17)​$4.00
​Child under 5​FREE
​Parent with 1 child under 5​$6.50
​Second child under 5​$2.50
​Student with ID​$4.00
​24.2 Concession Cards Pool​Adult​Senior​Student​Child
​10 swims​$58.50​$36.00​$36.00​$36.00
Aquacise Concession
​10 sessions​$81.00​$49.50​$49.50
​Aquacise cas​ual​$9.00​$5.50​$5.50


24.3 Squad Prices​Year


​24.4 Learn to swim​Per lesson
​School age Level 1 to Level 6​$10.50
​Level 7​$11.50
​Level 8​$15.00
​Preschool Level 1 to 3​$8.50
Individual Lessons
​30 minutes​$40.00
​20 minutes​$27.00
​15 minutes​$20.00
24.5 Pool HirePer hour
​Main Pool (includes timing equipment and pool entry)​$200.00
​Per lane​$15.00 + pool entry
​Learners pool​$75.00 + pool entry
​Hydro Therapy Pool​$75.00 + pool entry


​24.6 Membership
           Prices - 1 Year
Adult Senior/Student
​Gym / pool /group exercise (Platinum)​$1,222.00​$1,066.00
​Gym / pool / group excercise (Gold)​​$962.00​$884.00
​Gym / pool / group exercise (Silver)​​$780.00​$702.00
​Replacement card fee​$5.00​$5.00
​Hold fee​$5.00​$5.00
​Rejoining fee​$49.00​$49.00
24.7 Gym Prices
​Gym casual session (includes group fitness)​$16.00​$11.00
​Concession Cards - 10 sessions
​Gym ​$144.00​$99.00
​Group Fitness Classes​$144.00

 ​24.8 Facilities​

Group Fitness – Large (per hour)$30.00
Group Fitness – Large (per day)$120.00
Meeting Rooms​ 
Meeting Room per hour$30.00
Meeting Room (non-profit group) per hour$15.00
Meeting Room per day$120.00
Meeting Room (non-profit group) per day$60.00
Community Meeting Room per hour$30.00
Community Room (non-profit group) per hour$15.00
Community Room per day$120.00
Community Room (non-profit group) per day$60.00

​​​24.9 Stadium Fees 
Please note that the stadium fees will increase by 15% + CPI in 2019/20 (Year 2) and by 10% + CPI in 2020/21 (Year 3). Further information can be found in our Revenue and Financing Policy .

​Stadium adult casual rate​$3.50
Stadium student casual rate​$3.50
​Single court (peak time)​$35.00 per hour
​Single court (off peak)​$24.00 per hour
​Single outdoor court​$11.50 per hour
​Single outdoor court with lights​$23.00 per hour
​24.10  Personal Training Charges
​Personal training session ​30 minutes​$27.50
​Personal training session​60 minutes​$55.00
​Couples training session​30 minutes​$22.00 per person
​​Group session60 minutes​$27.50

Ashburton Museum ​

Research/retrieval per 30 minutes (first 30 minutes
are free)
Digital or hardcopy scan$20.00
 Research/retrieval fee + cost
PhotocopyingAs per Section 20 (Administration Fees)
PRA 2005 research/retrievalNo fee allowed​
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