Grants and Funding


​​​​​​​​​​What are our Community Grants and Funding?

Council provides funding for agencies and community groups for projects and activities in the community that
help support our long term goals for the district. These can be one-off events or ongoing projects that help
make Ashburton District a better place to live, work and play.  Anybody can apply for a grant as long as they meet
our criteria.

What is the process for our Community Grants
and Funding?

Applications are open around January to March to apply for funding for the following financial year, which runs from
1 July to 30 June.  There are different categories of grants any community group or organisation can apply for (listed below). All applications received are acknowledged, and then presented to the Community Grants and Funding Subcommittee for assessment against Council’s criteria and priority areas for the district. The Subcommittee then makes a recommendation to Council as part of the Annual Plan on how much funding should be allocated to the grants for the year. When Council adopts the Annual Plan at the end of June, it also approves the Subcommittee’s recommendations for funding applications. All applicants are informed of the outcome of their funding application
in early July.

All successful applicants are required to report back to Council on how the grant money was spent and whether the project/event was successful. Reporting forms need to be completed by 30 June, or before applying for further funding, whichever is the earlier. If the funds have not been spent when the next funding round occurs and you would like to make another application, please complete the reporting form as much as possible, and let us know how and when you intend to spend the rest of the grant funds.

​​​Reporting forms

Biodiversity Grant reporting form
Community Library Grant reporting form
Community Project Grant reporting form
Economic Development and Events Grant reporting form
Heritage Grant reporting form
School Holiday Programme reporting form
Sport Development reporting form

For agency reporting forms, please get in touch with the Council directly.
Contact Council by email​ or phone (03) 307 7700.

When do community grants open?

Creative Communities and Sport NZ Rural Travel Fund grants will open at the end of February and close Sunday 31 March. All other 2019/20 Community Grants are now open until Thursday 28 February, 2019.

Categories and application forms

There are now five funding categories for all community grants:  

Arts & culture

Community Library Grant 2019/20 application form

Community development

​​Community Agency Grant 2019/20 application form
Community Project Grant 2019/20 application form

Economic development & events

Community Events Grant 2019/20 application form

Natural & built environment

Biodiversity Grant 2019/20 application form
Heritage Grant 2019/20 application form
Community Infrastructure Grant 2019/20 application form

Sport & recreation

School Holiday Programme Grant 2019/20 application form
Sport Development Grant 2019/20 application form​​

My project doesn't fit Council's community grants

If your project does not fit our categories or criteria for community grant funding, givUS provides access to more than 1200 different grants for community organisations covering a wide range of project types from over 700 different funders across New Zealand.  

Council provides free access to Generosity New Zealand's givUs database, a computer database of information about funding sources for community groups in New Zealand. You can access it at home through the library page of our website (requires membership login) or at the following locations:

  • Ashburton Public Library
  • Community House Mid Canterbury
  • Methven i-SITE

Other financial assistance

Extraordinary grant funding​

Council may consider providing grant funding outside the schemes detailed above to assist with community
projects considered to be of significant value to the Ashburton District community. These are dealt with on a
case by case basis.

Loans and guarantees

Council may consider requests for bridging finance or the guaranteeing of loans from community organisations undertaking projects of significant community benefit.

When applying you will need to include:

  • The project's contribution to the achievement of Council's community outcomes
  • The project's cost effectiveness
  • The reasons why other sources of funding are unavailable
  • Prudent fiscal history of the person or organisation making the application
  • The ability of the person / organisation applying to repay the loan(s)

Any applications will be analysed by a Council senior financial advisor and / or suitable advisor. The analysis may include the following:

  • The financial viability of the project
  • The financial position of the person / organisation making the application
  • Risks to Council in supporting the project and how these could be managed
  • Recommended compulsory conditions

Any bridging finance will be charged interest and any loans or guarantees Council provides may require a personal guarantee.

For further information on Council grants and funding, contact Council by email or phone (03) 307 7700.

Community Grants and Funding 2018/19​

More than 70 community groups and organisations around the district have benefited from $1.1 million of funding from Council's annual Community Grants and Funding scheme.​

View the recipients of the 2018/19 Community Grants and Funding

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