Hakatere Home and Heritage 2020

​​​​​​The Welcoming Communities programme is celebrating cultural heritage in the Ashburton District by creating a photobook of residents wearing clothing that represents their heritage.

If you or your family have some heritage clothing and would like to be photographed for our photobook, we invite you to fill out this form to be considered for the Hakatere Home & Heritage photobook. Please complete this form telling us who you are, what you would like to wear and why the clothing is important to you and your life in Ashburton with as much detail as possible. You can apply as a family, couple or individual. Your application will then be reviewed by a panel of 3-4 people and twenty people/groups will be selected.

By filling out this form and sending the application you acknowledge the following:
  • That the information you provide in this form along  with your image from the photoshoot may be published with your approval, in the photobook
  • That your application will go through a panel selection process and that you may or may not be selected
  • That you will be available on the date of the photoshoot which is March 21 (Race Relations Day)
  • You agree to be contacted by Ashburton District Council through the contact details that you have provided​
Example: "I am Filipino ethnicity with Spanish heritage and Vietnamese ancestry."
Example: "Turban is worn by the Sikh religion and originally hails from the Indian subcontinent."
Example: "Lanuola, Kilt, Kimono, Sari."
Example: "My korowai cloak is important to me because it links me with my whakapapa, my ancestors. Through the korowai my ancestors are wrapped around my shoulders and provide me with warmth, support and strength."
Example: "My parents moved to Ashburton District in 1966 and I went to Ashburton College. I moved away to Christchurch for four years but moved back to raise my own family."
Example: "My favourite things about Ashburton are the friendly people, the gardens at the domain and Lake Hood."
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