Parks and Sports Fields

Council manages and maintains eighty-six parks and reserves throughout the district providing for a range of leisure and recreational activities.

Parks are a major contributor to the wellbeing of the district through the provision of quality open space for both active sports and quiet areas for passive use.

The Ashburton Domain is the iconic urban park in our district, catering for a variety of leisure and recreation uses and is valued and admired by both residents and visitors.

Council provides a variety of different types of parks and recreational open space including:

  • Large urban parks like the Ashburton and Tinwald Domains
  • Sports fields, such as those at the Ashburton Domain and Argyle Park
  • Children's playgrounds
  • Large rural reserves, such as the Awa Awa rata reserve
  • Small local urban parks
  • Beautification areas along state highways and local roads
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