RDR Bridge Replacement Project 2020

​​​​​​​Why are we replacing the bridges?

The Rangitata Diversion Race (RDR) bridges need to be upgraded to ensure we can support increased productivity and growth in our district.

Feedback received from our Road Reference groups, and heavy vehicle transport operators have highlighted the impact that the current RDR bridge weight restrictions are having.  For heavy haulers and their clients, the restrictions are severely impacting their normal business practices in the northwest area of the district (specifically above the RDR) because they are too heavy to use the bridges, and therefore cannot cross them when loaded with freight.
The new bridges will be structurally strong enough to carry these High Productivity Motor Vehicles (HPMVs) weighing over 44 tonnes.  Doing so not only helps us to meet our transportation goals and levels of service but will also help to increase productivity and growth in our district.

 When will the work be happening?

From Monday 5 October 2020, work  commenced replacing three existing road bridges that cross the RDR on Arundel Rakaia Gorge Road. (This has been delayed from the originally planned start date of 17 August 2020). 
Delaying this project will avoid major detours on the Arundel Rakaia Gorge Road for the September/ October school holiday traffic, and allow construction of the bridges to be undertaken in the irrigation season when the RDR water levels will be lower.  The work is planned to be completed before Christmas 2020.
The three bridges being upgraded are:
·        Bridge No. 232 (Surrey Hills Bridge)
·        Bridge No. 233 (Prices Road Bridge)
·        Bridge No. 234 (Staveley Bridge)

 Current Status of Bridges
Bridge No. 232 (Surrey Hills Bridge) (CLOSED)
Bridge No. 233 (Prices Road Bridge) (OPEN)
Bridge No. 234 (Staveley bridge) (OPEN)

​​​​** RDR Bridge Replacement Project UPDATE **

The demolition process started with the decks being broken with a 23T excavator using a rock breaker and shears attachment (photos from 7oct). The concrete deck was broken into a C-hook catchment frame which is held by a 90T mobile crane. The central piers were demolished and cut with the 23T excavator. Excavator with a man cage attached was suspended over the water to cut the final bits of steel ​reinforcing.​The 23T excavator with shear attachment then breaks down the existing abutment to finished level.

The ground behind the first abutment is excavated to allow for placement of the new abutment.

 Once levels are correct the precast abutment is lifted off the transporter by the crane and is dropped into place. Area around the abutment is backfilled with gravel and old abutment top is capped off with concrete for safety.

 Once bridge abutments are in the correct locations the bridge beams are lifted into place by the 90T mobile crane. The 120T crawler crane places the hollowcore bridge beams in place starting from the centre working outwards, taking care not to hit the power lines which run alongside the bridge. Once all beams are in place the settlement slabs are placed at each approach and the remaining abutment foundation will be poured.

Bridge 234 Demolition (Complete)
Bridge 234 Bridge Construction (Complete)
Bridge 234 Road Construction (Complete)
Bridge 234 Guardrail Construction (Complete)

Bridge 233 Demolition (Complete)
Bridge 233 Bridge Construction (Complete)
Bridge 233 Road Construction (Complete)
Bridge 233 Guardrail Construction (Complete)

Bridge 232 Demolition (Complete)
Bridge 232 Bridge Construction (Complete)
Bridge 232 Road Construction (Underway)
Bridge 232 Guardrail Construction (Underway)​

Bridge (No. 232) local detour
 The Surrey Hills Bridge (Bridge No. 232) has a local detour in place as outlined below:
Bridge No. 232 Surrey Hills Bridge
·      North bound traffic detour via Anama Station Road, Anama Valetta Road, Anama Cavendish Road.
·      South bound traffic detour via Anama Cavendish Road, Anama Valetta Road, Anama Station Road.
Expected closure duration 19 October 2020 – 11 December 2020

Heavy Traffic Detour Route

A heavy traffic detour route is being put in place from 5 October 2020 - 11 December 2020:
·         North bound traffic detour via Mayfield Valetta Road, Thompsons Track, Ashburton Staveley Road, Forks Road.
·         South bound traffic detour via Forks Road, Ashburton Staveley Road, Thompsons Track, Mayfield Valetta Road.
All of the above closure dates may change as a result of adverse weather events
We apologise in advance for any inconvenience these closures may cause.
Once the new bridges are in place, we anticipate there will be significant benefits for the district​
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