Ashburton CBD Revitalisation Project

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Ashburton Central Business District (CBD) is experiencing redevelopment and Council wants to support ​investment and encourage revitalisation in this area.​​

​​​​​​What is proposed?

We are proposing a staged approach to the revitalisation in conjunction with private CBD business-o​wners as they undertake work on their properties.

Key changes are:​

Other changes include:

  • (from Moore Street to Havelock Street), (from East Street to Cass Street), (from Havelock Street to Moore Street), (from East Street to Cass Street), (from East Street to Cass Street).
  • If income from enforcement is insufficient to cover the cost of the parking​ activity, we will revisit other funding options (such as a targeted commercial rate or general rate).

We plan to fund the proposed developments from within our existing work programmes and budgets. View the full version of the Ashburton CBD Streetscape Renewal Issues and Options Report​.​​

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​​​​​​​Detailed design plans

The Council is now working through the detailed designs of the streetscape. Ideas include spaces that prioritise pedestrians and cyclists over vehicles, street lighting and layout that promotes safety and comfort, spaces to accommodate outdoor dining and socialising, a range of seating and furniture options to meet everyone's needs and planting that provides shade, colour and ambiance.

Artist impressions of what the streets could look like are displayed below:

Pictured above: Tancred Park, on the corner of Tancred Street and East Street, facing towards East Street.

​​​​​Pictured above: Tancred Park​​, on the corner of Tancred Street and East Street, looking back towards the railway line and the West Street car park.Pictured above: Indicative of pedestrian priority areas along Tancred and Burnett Streets.Pictured above: Burnett Park, on the corner of Burnett Street and East Street, facing towards the railway line and West Street car park.

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​Council adopted the Town Centre Concept Plan 2009which set a broad framework for improvements in the Ashburton CBD. The Plan acknowledged that these improvements would be gradual and that flexibility was important to accommodate a range of new initiatives and developments. This plan has since fed into other plans and projects.​

We now have a Town Centre Working Group who have been leading ​the Streetscape Revitalisation project on behalf of Council. The role of this working group is to oversee revitalisation initiatives, transportation and cycleway initiatives, festive lighting and parking in the CBD.

Consultation on the proposed Ashburton CBD Revitalisation Project has closed. The Council was pleased with the submission responses received. Following consideration of the community feedback, a final plan was prepared and adopted by Council at its meeting on 20 September 2018. You can also review the report to Council here. ​​

Why are we doing this now?

The Canterbury earthquakes have resulted in significant changes to the face of the Town Centre, as buildings have required strengthening work or demolition. This redevelopment has given us an opportunity to support investment and encourage revitalisation of the CBD.

In 2017, the 'Our Place' campaign we ran helped to encourage a conversation between Council and the community about the district's future. People gave us really valuable feedback about their priorities, and the fourth most important priority to them was the development of the Town Centre.​​

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