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The population estimate of Ashburton District 33,200 as at October 2015.

Current population growth (2013 Census Data) has Ashburton District being one of the fastest growing rural districts in New Zealand.

We are the third fastest growing district in Canterbury region and the fifth fastest growing in the country.

To learn more about our district's population, visit Statistics New Zealand.


Agriculture underpins the economy of the Ashburton District, with over a third of the district's gross domestic product (GDP) coming directly from the dairy, meat and arable and crop industries in 2010.

  • The districts' growth in wages, productivity and GDP has been faster than nearly all of the 66 territorial authorities in NZ over the past decade, largely as a result of dairy farming intensification
  • GDP was $1,736 million in Ashburton District for the year to December 2014, this us up 3.3% compared to the previous year and is higher than for New Zealand as a whole (3.2%)
  • The annual average unemployment rate in Ashburton District was 2.1% in December 2014, down from 2.7% a year earlier and significantly lower than the New Zealand unemployment rate of 5.7% in the same period. ​

Quality of Life

Overall residents in the district report high levels of satisfaction with their quality of life:

  • 95% of Ashburton District residents were satisfied with their quality of life
  • 81% of residents in the district believe that community spirit is either good or very good, well above the national average of 60%

Snapshot of Council Information

The table below provides a snapshot of the Council's assets and financial information.


​District Area (square kms)​6,175​6,175​6,175

Open Space

​Total area of parks (ha)​442​442​442
​Area of sports fields​110​110​110
​Neighbourhood playgrounds​17​17​18


​Total roads (centreline km)​2,656​2,610​2,611
​Length of sealed roads
​Length of unsealed roads
​Number of bridges​143​142​142
​Length of footpaths (kms)​224​212​220
​Number of Council water supplies​14​14​12
​Length of water pipes
​Length of wastewater pipes (kms)​168​171​172
​Length of stormwater pipes (kms)​28​30​31
​Length of stockwater races (kms)​2,672​2,582​2,381

Rating Information

​Rating system​Capital value​Capital value
​Rateable properties​15,261​15,375
​Total rateable value​$12,860,979,100​$12,976,369,100
​Average rateable value​$842,735​$843,991
​Date of District valuation​July 2012​July 2012
​Rates revenue​$25,565,000​$26,826,000
​Total revenue​$54,731,000​$66,896,000


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