Youth Council Members


​Executive Members

​​Kava Faoagali - Chairperson

My name is Kavan Faoagali and I am the Chairperson for the 2020 Ashburton Youth Council. Originally from Auckland, I moved in December of 2017 and joined the AYC as a youth councillor in 2018. I joined AYC as I have a strong passion for politics and saw the Youth Council as a way to make a difference for Ashburton and its youth.​​
Maria Costas – Deputy Chairperson / Community Liaison

Hello! My name is Maria Costas and I am the Ashburton Youth Council’s Deputy Chairperson / Community Liaison for 2020.  I was the AYC’s Secretary for 2019 and I found it the most growing and enjoyable role so here I am again back for round two!  I am also part of the Ashburton Cadet Unit where I am currently a CDTSSGT.  I am 17 and I attend Ashburton College where I am currently the Deputy Head Girl for 2020.  I hope to attend university after high school to pursue a career in medicine and I am very excited for another wonderful year with the AYC team!

Teresa Herewini – Deputy Chairperson / Event Liaison

Hi there, my name is Teresa and this is my second year on the Ashburton Youth Council, this year I am lucky enough to hold the position of Deputy Chairperson / Event Liaison.  I enjoy playing netball and my leadership positions in school, this includes Red House Captain.  This year, my goal is to engage more of the youth in Ashburton in decision making.  I'’ very excited for another year working alongside my AYC peers!

Neil Alombro - Secretary

He everyone! My name is Neil Alombro and I am the Secretary of the 2020 Ashburton Youth Council. I have various interests within the community being the Deputy Head Boy at Mount Hutt College in Methven, playing tennis and croquet, and being part of the large Filipino community in the Ashburton District. Next year, I’ll hopefully go to university into a Bachelor’s of Engineering degree with my interests at school being physics and maths.

I’ll be hoping that with our amazing team on the Youth Council we hold successful events for the youth in our district and make sure our voice is heard in all important aspects of our wide community.

Jestena Raj – Media Coordinator

Hi I’m Jestena Raj and this is my first year in the Ashburton Youth Council.  I am the Media Liaison for this year. Outside or the Youth Council I play netball and I’m into music, I also played the violin and was part of the Ashburton College orchestra for the last 4 years. I’m looking forward to having a good year with the AYC.

Maddie Page – Submission Coordinator​​

My name is Maddie Page and I am the Submission Coordinator on the Ashburton Youth Council. I am 12 years old and am a year 8 student at Ashburton Borough School. I love reading and creative writing, I also enjoy playing Hockey.  I really care about the environment. I am very excited to be on the Ashburton Youth Council because it shows me that I have a voice and it shows other young people in Ashburton that their voice can also be heard.   ​

Youth Council Members

Michael Baker – Youth Councillor

​Olivia Fox – Youth Councillor

My name is Olivia Fox, I am British but lived in Zimbabwe, Africa till I was seven years old.  I am 13 years of age and attend Ashburton College.  I am passionate about music, academics, family and friends and contributing towards a positive change in our community.​

​Klara Harrison – Youth Councillor​

I’m a 17 year old student currently studying Year 13 at Ashburton College. I am someone who enjoys various sports, travel, volunteer work with children, and spending time with friends and family. I also have a part time job as a lifeguard and swim tutor at Ea Networks Centre. 2020 is going to be a big year for me, having been selected for my school’s Green House Executive, and being offered a position on the Ashburton Youth Council.
As this is most likely my last year living in the district before I go to university to pursue a career in medicine, this is my year to make a change in Ashburton. 
I believe I have many things to offer the Ashburton Community this year, especially a strong advocate voice for mental health, and what better way to do that then to be the youth voice communicating ideas straight to the council!​
Marc Ian Teves (Ian Teves) - Youth Council

I am a positive person, who always looks at the bright side of things even in bad situations. I never give up on activities which I am really passionate about as I believe that if there is a will, there is a way. It is very important that I take this attitude as it keeps the morale of the teams/groups attitudes positive, keeping a calm and relaxing environment to work and cooperate in. 

I have taken this attitude because of my passion for art. This is because I do not possess the best talent in my art class, leading me to doubting and seeing every artwork I've made or on the process to be made as a failure. I have now changed that attitude, only seeing the potential in my finished and unfinished paintings. I see the improvements which I have and could have made from my past mistakes, in which I build on top of on my future paintings. I have taken this attitude into my life, as I worry less about the mistakes which hold me back. I focus on building on top of those mistakes, creating better and improved life decisions which help me grow as better human being.


The Ashburton Youth Council currently meet on the first Wednesday of each month. To get in touch, email ​​

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