What are the priorities for the future of Our Place

24/11/2017 9:00 a.m.

The ‘It’s Our Place’ campaign is now in its last phase and people are being urged to rank which ideas they think should be a priority for the Ashburton District.

Almost 900 people took part in the second ‘It’s Our Place’ survey round, narrowing 15 of the most important ideas down to just eight. Now, people are being asked to rank these in order of what they think Council should focus on.

“It’s vital that the community has a voice in the future planning of our district, and ‘It’s Our Place’ is an open and accessible way for people to get involved and lead the way,” Council Community Relations Manager Vincie Billante says.

“There have been thousands of ideas submitted throughout the campaign and growing participation rates. To wrap up this campaign and really lock in what is most important to people in our community, we need everyone to decide which of the top ideas submitted they think rates money should be spent on.”

The ideas people are being asked to rank from highest to lowest importance are business development, community safety, EA Networks Centre development, environment, new entertainment centres, roading, second bridge development, and town centre development.

“We’d love to see over a thousand people take part in this final round, so encourage your friends, neighbours, colleagues and kids to get involved too. You don’t need to have completed the first two survey rounds to have a say. Ashburton District is our place and everyone has a stake in this.”

The short survey can now be completed online at ItsOurPlace.com or in a hard copy form available at the Council office and a number of businesses around the district. People can also use the survey kiosks stationed at the Ashburton library and EA Networks Centre.

The results from the survey will help Council decide what it should include in the draft Long Term Plan, which will be open for community consultation early next year. The third ‘It’s Our Place’ survey closes Sunday 10 December.

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