Weather impacts road resurfacing schedule


The onset of cooler weather means not all of the scheduled road resurfacing work will be completed before the start of winter, says Ashburton District Council Roading Manager Brian Fauth.

"We will try to complete all planned work in urban Rakaia and Methven including those areas above the traditional winter snowline, but will have to complete the scheduled work in and around Ashburton starting mid-October early November," Mr Fauth said.

"There is no point in doing the resealing if the weather is too cold as the seal won't take," he added.  Mr Fauth said the contractor doing the work will be required to complete this contract early next construction season and within the budget originally signed off. This delay will not cost the council anything extra," he added.

The resurfacing contractor will complete all property access ways and new seal areas agreed prior to putting the remaining resurfacing work on hold over the winter. Mr Fauth said, the Council has had a positive response from property owners required to contribute to the cost of sealing their access ways, while Council roading contractor Higgins is working on the resurfacing programme in their neighbourhood.

"The access way programme will take around 10 years to complete with its inclusion aimed at making local roads much safer for all road users," Mr Fauth said. Roads are prioritised for resurfacing, based on the amount of traffic on them, the seal age and how well they are performing.

"We especially watch out for roads that may become slippery in wet or icy weather. Roads can be resealed on average four to five times before the full bitumen surface needs to be replaced."

Page reviewed: 20 Apr 2016 3:33pm