Water restrictions rise for Chertsey and Mayfield


​​Ashburton District Council has today upgraded the Chertsey and Mayfield water restrictions, effective immediately as high demand puts pressure on the supplies.​

Chertsey is now on a level two (alternate days, time limited) restriction while Mayfield has been raised to a level three (hand-held hosing) restriction.

Chertsey residents can only hose on their assigned days between the hours of 6pm and midnight. Those connected to the Mayfield supply must also stick to their assigned days between 6pm and midnight but can only use a hand-held hose: sprinklers and other irrigation systems are not allowed.

Council Infrastructure Services Group Manager Neil McCann says continued high demand in these schemes has forced the Council to impose tighter restrictions.

"The Chertsey supply has been experiencing low pressure issues due to the high consumption and we are also concerned about the amount of water left in the Mayfield supply, which is now at its lowest level since 2016.

"If you are connected to these supplies, please follow the restrictions so that there is enough water for everyone."

Fairton, Hakatere, Hinds, Methven, Rakaia and Mt Somers remain on a level one restriction which was imposed on Friday 11 December. This restriction limits water use from a hose, micro-spray or irrigation systems to alternate days, rather than every day.

Ashburton and Lake Hood are not on a restriction, but Mr McCann is encouraging these residents to be careful with their water use to avoid restrictions.

For more information about water restrictions in the Ashburton District, visit ashburtondc.govt.nz/waterrestrictions

Restriction level and alternate day instructions:​

Methven, Rakaia & Hakatere​ - Level One

Properties with an even street number hose on even dates and those with an odd street number hose on odd dates.​

Chertsey - Level Two

Properties on the southeast side of Maldon Street hose on even dates and properties on the northwest side of Maldon Street hose on odd dates.​ Hosing is restricted to between 6pm and midnight.

Fairton - Level One

Properties with frontage to Waymouth Street or Deans Street hose on even dates and properties without frontage to Waymouth Street or Deans Street hose on odd dates.

Hinds - Level One

Properties southeast of the SIMT Railway hose on even dates and properties northwest of the SIMT Railway are odd dates.

Mayfield - Level Three

​Properties on the southeast side of Arundel Rakaia Gorge Road hose on even dates and properties northwest of Arundel Rakaia Gorge Road hose on odd dates. Can only hose between 6pm and midnight from a hand-held hose.

Mt Somers - Level One

​Properties with frontage to Pattons Road hose on even dates and properties without frontage to Pattons Road hose on odd dates.​​​

Page reviewed: 15 Dec 2020 2:45pm