Water conservation notice issued for Dromore water supply


Emergency management water restrictions are now in place for residents living in Dromore after the scheme's reservoir dropped to around 25 percent yesterday.

Ashburton District Council organised for water to be tankered in to replenish the reservoir and help get residents through the next few days.

Andrew Guthrie says the increased restriction level combined with supplementing the supply with tankered water should ease pressure on the bore and allow it time to recover. Staff will continue to monitor the situation.

"It remains very dry at present and groundwater levels continue to decline. We are keeping a close watch on all water supplies in the district to make sure the schemes' ability to provide a basic level of service continues."

He says water conservation should be practised throughout the year and residents should be using water wisely, particularly during summer when it can be in short supply.

Residents can also assist by tending to water leaks found on their own property as soon as possible and if they see a water leak on the Council network, making sure Council is made aware of it.

About 35 properties are on the Dromore water supply scheme and residents have been notified that a level five water restriction is now in place.

Dromore is one of the water schemes in the district that has permanent hosing restrictions. The shift to level five increases the water conservation activity to essential domestic use only.

Learn more about water restrictions and how to conserve water.

Page reviewed: 26 Feb 2015 3:10pm