Vandals are putting lives at risk

21/11/2014 12:00 a.m.

The reckless actions of vandals are putting people unnecessarily at risk of death or serious injury on our district's roads.

Council has this week been replacing 12 road signs on Thompsons Track that were knocked over by vandals last Sunday night.

Stop signs, give way signs, chevrons and road direction signs were among the 12 knocked over by a vehicle on Thompsons Track.

Council immediately replaced the regulatory signs – stop and give way signs - and is working on getting new directional signs and chevrons installed.

The cost of replacing and repairing this latest round of vandalised road signs is expected to be between two to three thousand dollars. This will be on top of the $17,000 of ratepayers' money already spent fixing vandalised road signs.

"It is just so disappointing that people are deliberately damaging road signs, putting others' lives at risk.

"The signs play a very important part in helping keep people safe on the roads and people can crash as a result of this kind of mindless stupidity," says Mr Dalziel.

"As we go into the summer months when a lot more tourists are on the roads – people who are unfamiliar with the area and the roads - this becomes even more hazardous," he says.

43% of road crashes in the Ashburton District in the last decade have happened at intersections.

It is estimated that approximately 1000 vehicles travel on Thompsons Track on a daily basis.

This is not the first time rural road signs in the district have been targeted by vandals.

Last week, vandals presumably armed with a chainsaw cut down five road signs, including stop and give way signs, in Wakanui.

Council is appealing for the community's help in bringing the people responsible for the destruction to account.

"The community needs to help stop this type of thing happening and identify and report the offenders."

Council is urging people to contact them immediately if they see a road sign that has been damaged in any way or knocked over.

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