Tree trimming exercise promotes safer roads around district

11/08/2016 12:00 a.m.

​Ashburton District residents have helped improve road safety this winter following their actions to trim or remove shelter belts along ice-prone roads.​

Council Roading Manager Brian Fauth says a number of landowners have been working with Council to reduce tree shade over district roads which can result in ice build-up on cold mornings.

“During the last few months, Council has approached landowners whose shelter belts create too much shade over some of our roads. To date, 21 property owners have trimmed their roadside trees and we have commitments from the majority of others to do so. The work completed by the 21 landowners has greatly reduced the need for ice gritting outside their property.”

Shelter belts are often grown along the edges of properties to offer protection for stock from harsh weather conditions. As they grow higher, the trees begin to cast shade over roads and this stops the sun from melting ice that forms on roads.

“Council is very thankful for residents’ cooperation and willingness to reduce winter driving hazards. We will continue to grit roads that require the extra traction, but the input of residents trimming their shelter belts is a much appreciated help. We take winter driving safety very seriously.”

Motorists are advised to remain vigilant on winter roads and always drive to the conditions.

Page reviewed: 11 Aug 2016 2:03pm