Tree tidy up on Chalmers Avenue

15/05/2018 4:00 p.m.

Tuesday 15 May, 2018

Work on Chalmers Avenue is helping to give larger vehicles more room along the road, with several trees being removed from the road verges that divide the street during the past two weeks.

Ashburton District Council has been progressively taking out old flowering plum and cherry trees that had begun to encroach on the road, with other well established trees on the verges now large enough to take centre stage along the street.

Council Open Spaces Manager David Askin says the three rows of trees on each verge were planted many ​​years ago with the intention that the smaller, flowering species on the two outer rows would be removed once the larger trees in the middle had grown big enough.

“The flowering trees are obviously quite pretty in spring, and we’ve enjoyed having them there, but they have passed their used-by dates, with disease and die-backs making them look worse for wear. By taking them out, it’s helping to open up the road more for larger vehicles that may be getting too close for comfort trying to pass them along the street.

“We’ll be planting more red oak and English lime trees to fill any larger gaps down the centre of the verges,” he adds.

The Council has been taking the cherry and flowering plum trees out in stages, and will plant the replacement trees that are needed in winter.  ​


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