Time to check overhanging foliage


A healthy dose of rain and sunshine have sparked plenty of spring growth and advice from Ashburton District Council to trim back trees, hedges and shrubs that are overhanging footpaths.

Asset Management Engineer Geoff Rhodes says, "There are a number of properties in the district where residents need to take out the hedge clippers. Overhanging vegetation can add to the beauty of a street but it needs to be 2.5 metres above the footpath and trimmed back to property boundaries, so that people can walk without being injured or having their path obstructed."

"We are also coming up to the time for footpath renewals and a lot of sites, where we will be working, have a substantial amount of overhanging foliage," Mr Rhodes says. To check if your footpath is going to be renewed, take a look at the Council's website. If your street is on the list, check that there is no overhanging foliage from your property that would hinder the work from getting underway.

Residents who don't cut back their overhanging vegetation are likely to receive a letter from the Council asking that it be removed.  If nothing is done, the Council is then able to cut back the foliage and charge for the cost involved. "Overhanging trees and shrubs are just something we all need to keep an eye on and can usually be incorporated into general work around the garden," Mr Rhodes says.

Page reviewed: 02 Oct 2015 4:56pm