Thompsons Track annual rehab work starts today


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Motorists are being advised to take extra care and to follow detours in place, with annual rehabilitation work starting on Thompsons Track today.

Three kilometres of the rural road will be strengthened and widened during the next eight weeks, bringing the total distance of road renewals completed on Thompsons Track since 2013 to 14.6km.

The work will be carried out between the Mitcham Road and Lethams Road intersections, and drivers will be directed onto Winchmore Lauriston Road and Pannetts Road to avoid the road works during daylight hours through the week. The road will open again each evening from 6.00pm until 6.00am.

“Thompsons Track has experienced a 150 per cent increase in heavy vehicle use during the last 10 years, and 30 per cent growth in regular traffic. That use puts more demand on the road and obviously wears it out faster. Considering the road was initially never designed for such heavy use, we are now doing our best to strengthen it to meet those continually growing demands,” Ashburton District Council Roading Manager Brian Fauth says.

“During these next eight weeks, please slow down through the works when the road is open. Travelling too fast can compromise the work and can be dangerous for yourself and other road users,” he adds.

Although traffic volumes have increased, Thompsons Track does not meet state highway criteria. That leaves Council budgeting each year to renew sections of the road, of which 51 per cent is subsidised by NZ Transport Agency.

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Page reviewed: 03 Sep 2019 9:27am